Veggies, veggies everywhere…

For this month, I’m working hard to lean up some.  When it comes to my workouts, that means fairly heavy weights and moderate reps with little rest.  Cardio?  Intervals 3xs a week.

For my diet?  I’m sticking to lean proteins, a couple pieces of fruit a day, and vegetables every time I eat.  And I’m only eating grains right after a weight training workout.  It’s not a difficult way to eat -I like it most of the time.  I’ve even found a way to get those veggies into my breakfast (and my late evening meal).  The secret?  A smoothie.

Yes.  It might sound strange, but it’s working amazingly well for me.

I begin preppin my “smoothie’ by cutting some summer squash, some cucumber, adding some edamame, and maybe some spinach.  I throw from fresh berries on top, add 1.5-2Cups of cold water and a scoop of protein powder.  Chocolate or vanilla both work well.

The entire mess is whizzed in my blender until it’s fairly smooth.

I’m amazed how this fills me up!  Hopefully by the end of the month, it will also show as a leaner me lets my muscles show through.


4 responses to “Veggies, veggies everywhere…

  1. Hey, me too! My main focus is cleaning up my eating and beefing up my cardio. Im going to start a few days of heavy lifting here and there, too (like max out lifting.) here’s to this month’s goals!

  2. Wow, you girls are hardcore!

    I did have a bunch of spinach and berries in my smoothie this morning. And did some weights and cardio and had a nice healthy lunch.

    But, um, nachos and guacamole for dinner? I’m not gonna be “leaning up” any time soon!

    Those nachos were reaaallly good though. :)

  3. Go for it ladies!
    Just a few questions:
    Why mix the veggies and fruit together? I just read a book that says you shouldn’t eat fruit with anything else because of how our bodies digest it. Why also grains AFTER a work out?
    I’m at a good weight but my tummy won’t dwindle – any tips? (Running is out for me)

    • Nikki, I’m mixing the veggies and the fruit together because this one month phase of leaning up requires me to EAT VEGETABLES EVERY TIME I STICK ANYTHING IN MY PIEHOLE. Any time. And I can’t eat a sauted veggie and egg dish for breakfast every day. (well, I could. but I won’t. ) So I have to have the veggies in the smoothie or I can’t have it. Any other ideas for adding veggies to breakfast?

      About the whole grains after a workout. A hard weight training workout depletes the body of much of its stored carbs; the typical advise to restore the glycogen the muscles need with a 4:1 carb:protein meal within an hour of working out. So this is the one time the day -or the week -when the body might actually use all the fuel from a grain and not store it as fat. Thus, the only time to eat whole grains (in my case, steel-cut oatmeal or brown rice) in a week.

      For you, if you’re not burning the abdominal fat, cut back on the grains in your diet, and concentrate on getting your carbs from veggies and fruit. Weight and fat burning is primarily made in the kitchen.

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