Ten Minute Challenges wo 6/8/09

I’ve been a bit lax about posting those 10 minutes lately. Really, I’ve been organizing my life -which pulls me away from the computer. And organizing is it’s own kind of challenge that lasts way longer than 10 minutes.

Back to nitty-gritty.  Each of the challenges below can be done for 10 minutes one time, or down to 1 minute ten times throughout the day.  Whatever and wherever you find some time for moving.

We like to move it, move it:

Monday:  10 pushups.  Any variation you like: “real” pushups, “girl” pushups, counter pushups.  Even moving down from one to the other.  How many can you do in a minute?

Tuesday: Walking Lunges.  Take a wide step forward, balance yourself between both legs, and drop your down.  Both legs should -ideally- be bent at 90 degrees.

Wednesday: Run in Place.

Thursday: Chair dips.

Friday: Dance.  That’s right!  Dance!  Get those hips swaying and those arms waving and those legs stepping.  Choose a happy song to get us in the spirit for the weekend and just cut loose!  Foot Loose!


One response to “Ten Minute Challenges wo 6/8/09

  1. LOVE the dance.
    if you were my neighbor Id bring ya a 1.00 hulahoop for some core work as you shimmy :)

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