It’s Stumptuous!

Just found out that 2 months ago Stumptuous started sharing videos. I’ve spent some time this morning watching a number of these. They are -not surprisingly- wonderful.

I was awake way to early this morning, so I decided to do the dynamic warm up along with her. I was stiff and sore before I began, and feel so strong and limber how.


4 responses to “It’s Stumptuous!

  1. LOVED THAT!!!
    Thanks. Have a great day!

    P.S. Went to the pool with my 13 year old son this morning – his idea…to swim lengths together. It was tough getting there but once we were in the water it was AWESOME!

  2. I LOVE HER as well.

    Have you 2 met in person?

    • Met Krista in person? I only wish… Heck, I wish I could meet any fitness blogger in person. (waiting desperately for BlogHer for that to happen).

      No, I love Kirsta, and she inspired me to push heavier and work harder. I am the fangirl.

  3. I love Krista’s website too! It’ s great source of info and encouragement for women who aren’t afraid of lifting big weights! Her article on “mistressing the pull-up” was great…With her advice I learned how to do UNASSISTED chin-ups and pull-ups.

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