Last Saturday evening I met up with a smallish group of people getting ready to head to BlogHer 09.  Since we were small, and mostly knew each other, it was more a chance to catch up on our lives and act as cheerleaders/advisers in the paths we were taking.

When it came to me, we all spent (yay!) about 45 minutes planning how I could work independantly to train individuals in the bay area.  I have been haunted by a phrase I pasted on my Vision Board for this year: Meet Your Mobile Trainer. The phrase struck home with other there and has become a way to focus myself.

Among the ideas was a “30 days to BlogHer” kick off bootcamp, which will have to held next week for the numbers to work.  In working to plan the camp, though, I really prefer to think of it as a “play camp” instead of a boot camp.  Something about bootcamps sound hard and militaristic and just not fun.  But wouldn’t people be willing to move more if they thought that exercising could be fun?  (if you read MizFit, you know that this one of her themes).

So I’m adding in elements like skipping and passing balls to each other.  I’d be tempted to try wheel barrow races but I fear for grown womens’ upper body strength -and their competitive natures.  Jumping rope and hop scotch are likely activities…

Find the play in the work feels right to me.  What do you think?


4 responses to “PlayCamp

  1. Deb, I think that sounds absolutely awesome and like a ton of fun. What about hula hooping? (Not hippie-style… ;-) … just kid style…)


  3. LOVE IT! Good for you. I like the “fun” yet “practical” side of your fitness camp ideas. Will you have music? I’ve heard of trainers asking everyone to bring or suggest 1 or 2 of their favorite work out songs and then compiling them all together for the work out.
    Wish I were near something like that.
    I’m having a difficult time being motivated. My son is done school for the summer and we sleep in. Our early days of swimming didn’t last long as my teen has decided sleep is waaay more fun By the time I get up and motivated, it feels like half the day is GONE! No time for fitness – just the housework, errands, and figuring out dinner! I have a beautiful bike waiting for me…yup WAITING for me…that I never seem to get to. So frustrating!!

  4. Love the idea of “play camps!”

    And sounds like next winter I might be in your area… will have to check it out!

    Am so, so jealous about blogher–wish I were going!

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