I’ve been spending a lot of time considering how to refocus this blog so I return to regular writing. Much of the reason for being quiet here is more a lack of topic inspiration than anything else.

Searching for something meaningful to write takes more energy than actually writing it. Funny how that works.

Anyway, much of this year I’ve complained about regaining some of the weight I lost 2 years ago. I’ve rededicated myself to losing the fat. And that will be part of the blogging again for the next few months.

I will blog my food – good and bad. Maybe in detail occasionally, most of the time, probably just the challenges of each day. Feel free to offer suggestions to get me to my goals.

I want to spend one day a week focusing on a resistance exercise. How to do it, how to regress and progress it. What each exercise does for the body, and why we should it. -like the plank vid I did a few months ago.

This will be the new focus. I think they always were the focus, but I lost it.

Welcome back, Deb…


3 responses to “Refocusing

  1. Share what’s on your heart. Be real.
    I wrecked my back at my last paddling practise and I’m so frustrated with my body! 2 steps forward, 1 step back – ugh!!
    We have to keep on keeping on…even if its “baby steps.” I’m going to gingerly “baby step” myself for a real low impact walk. I just can not (won’t) sit around waiting!

  2. Funny how it’s not so fun to blog when we’re not losing consistently. I’ve been tracking my food well, but the exercise has become less regular and more of a job.

    • TB, I blogged for almost 18 months when I was maintaining. No problem. I don’t think it’s the fact that I’ve gained back some of the weight.

      I seriously wonder if I’m mentally over blogging at all. This -or something similar- takes soon, or I’m closing my blogs down by the end of the year.

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