July Workout Plan

Every month I focus my workout on one idea. It may be working on increased endurance or strength. June was my every-third month focus on unilateral exercises. If you haven’t spent a month doing exercises one side at a time, you might be surprised to find muscle imbalances you didn’t know exist. Or discover how much harder your core works pushing one dumb bell while holding the other stable.

For July -starting this week- I’m going back to work some of the exercise routines from NRLW. I’ve got things on my mind, and want to try a workout different than one I’d design for myself -and these are that. It also frees me from thinking about my workouts. I just pull out the sheet for the day and hit the gym.

Starting at level 2, interval training is built in to the routine. The major cardio force I need to push on myself to start burning this extra fat. I realized that last fall -when I cooking like gas – I was doing intervals 3x a week without fail. Even though I hate them. When I slowed down -OK complete stopped, arguing that I get enough cardio in my weight training – THAT’S when I gained weight.

Back to basics. Let’s see how this goes.


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