Is cardio key?

I’ve been doing more reading, and finding some evidence -in spite of what my doctor claims – that the medicine I switched to last fall DOES tend to cause most people a weight gain -fat gain specifically- of about 20-40#.  I would love to stop taking it for a while and test to see if the weight did come off, but it’s working so well for me that would not be an intelligent move.  Besides, you need to get off anti-depressants slowly; to do otherwise invites serious problems.

So, I am giving myself permission to not feel guilty about this weight (no it’s not working) and to simply get back to addressing the problem.  I know how to eat to maintain and lose weight without this drug; I need to figure out what it’s doing and counterbalance it’s effects to regain my health.

Based on cravings and on how I feel throughout the day, I believe that I have become a bit more insulin resistant.  THAT will take the same the calories and turn them into adipose.  The way around?  More cardio.

I was convinced-because it worked before- that I could get all the cardio I needed with hard metabolic weight training – that I didn’t need to spend as much time on the cross-track, the stair master, the row machine,the treadmill, or outside with the dogs.  At the moment, however, evidence is showing me wrong.

My diet is good.  I get enough but not too many calories and my macronutrient mix is fine for what I do.  So I’m rededicating myself to getting some good cardio 6 days a week and turning around this nearly 7 month set back.  And, you know, my dog Jake will be happier with this decision.  Because it means 3-4 days a week he’ll be getting more exercise, too.


One response to “Is cardio key?

  1. I think people are thinking to much about how to lose weight.

    In reality it’s very simple…: Move More, Eat less (or more right).

    We all know what we’re doing right or wrong, when it comes to our weight. Right?

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