The 12 Super Foods Reviseted

This post originally published 6/29/06.  Slightly updated with new notes added.

How many of these do you eat each day? These foods are supposed to provide great nutritional support for our health, and many suggest they should be a regular part of our diet.

Avocado: high in mono-unsaturated fats, folate, and antioxidants, avocado can decrease the risk factors for heart disease and alzheimers. The suggested consumption is about 1/2 an avocado every other day.

Blueberries: The only truly blue food, blue berries are one of the most health-protective food you can eat. High in vitamin C and beta-carotene, potassium (helps keep blood pressure in check). Best eaten raw.. try 1/2 c every day or two.

Broccoli: high in fiber with beta-carotene, folate and vitamin C. Try for 1/2C serving of some cole food every day, with broccoli every other day.

Carrots: Their high beta-carotene is more easily absorbed when they are cooked, but thier vitamin C is higher when raw. Have some every day. When eaten raw, make sure you consume some vegetable oil at the same meal. It’s needed for the body to absorb all the beta carotene.

Flaxseeds/flaxseed oil: A rich source of alpha linolenic acids, flax seed have been shown to lower cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure. Flax seeds also contains Lignan and fiber. Researchers believe lignan may play a role in fighting some forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Flaxseed is included in a number of baked items, and you can add it to your own baked goods. Try for 2-4 Tbs./day.

Garlic: You need to eat the cloves raw to get the best heart-healthy benefits from garlic. With onions (below), try to get a serving every other day

Green Tea: Tea is full of anti-oxidants and green tea has phytochemicals that soothe and heal cells. Green tea also help to regulate blood sugar levels and may help reduce LDL cholesterol. Drink three cups/day.

Live Yogurt culture: Any yogurt that contains active proviotic bacteria such a lactobacilli which is thought to help the gut produce anti-cancer substances called butyrates. Try for 2-4 oz./day. Hey.. mix your blueberries and some ground flaxseed in there.. for a perfect healthy meal.

Oats: Rich in soluble fibre which can lower cholesterol, slow cooked oats also has a low glycemic index. The fiber may also help with weight management.

Onions: Onions are great for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and help to thin the blood to minimise clotting. They also contain flavonoids and sulphurs which might help fight cancer, a natural antibiotic to help with bronchitis and colds, and a powerful anti-oxidant. Try for a serving every other day like garlic.

Prunes (or dried plums): Prunes fight free radicals and they are high in soluble fiber to lower cholesterol. Eat 10-12 prunes day. Drink plenty of water with these, too.

Deep Water Fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon and fresh tuna):very high in omega-3 fatty acids which help heal cell damage. A minimum of 2 servings a week for younger women, 4 servings for men, women past childbearing age. These fish will not only fight heart disease and stroke, and prevent some cancers, they also may help to reduce arthritis symptoms and physical signs of aging.

And don’t forget Water (yeah, this becomes #13): Being properly hydrated can eliminate a number of problems. Drinking 2.5 liters will also keep your energy level up, decrease wrinkles, and aid in the absorbtion of all the nutrients listed in the foods above.

Update: Three years later.  I’m eating an avocado every week -maybe 4 out 7 days. I believe this is an appropriate level for the long term.

Frozen blueberries get substituted with fresh -or fresh raspberries/blackberries- during the season.  I eat these almost every day.

Flax seed?  check

Oats? Check

Fish? I’m concerned about over-fishing the ocean fresh fish and the farmed fish does not have the fatty oil valuable in the ocean caught.  So this has been decreasing.

Not in my diet now: prunes, green tea, yogurt.

This list is missing NUTS -a great source for healthy fats.  I eat these every day.

How about you?

Today’s workout: A Killer leg workout still utilizing the 4 key exercises: lunge, deadlifts, squats and step ups.


5 responses to “The 12 Super Foods Reviseted

  1. Y’know I actually really like the taste of everything on that list, which surprises me because I often have to force healty choices in foods…they don’t come naturally to me at all.

    I should print out that list as a reminder to myself, since I eat all of these, but not as often as they recommend.

    Good post, Debra!

  2. whoa – green light on avocados. Yeah!

    I’ve been doing pretty good on the other things, strangely. I’m on a kick of trying to make the things bought equal the things eaten. I’m doing better in that department.

    But avocados….. recently had an avocado and olive spread sandwich that was on olive foccacia. Oh my. And it was all good for me. Olives are our friend. And now, avocados.

  3. Im in for all except onions.

    Ive eaten some (in foods already . lots of water) but never knowingly or willingly.

  4. If you’re curious to know what kind of healthy foods that are not boring, mild example would be a very low fat brownie. Yes, you can eat candy, as long as health and prepared with less sugar and fat. If you’ve heard of quinoa, the super grain of the Incas took their health can also be cooked and an excellent supplement to your diet!

  5. I wasn’t aware of some of the information that you mentioned so I want to just say thank you.

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