Today’s Workout

Today is one my balance/stability/core workouts.  These become aerobic in nature -I get all sweaty, energized and completely exhausted in the end.  The only equipment I need today is a stability ball and some kind of round bouncy ball -I’ll use a 6 or 8# medicine ball most likely.

Worked in a circuit style-moving from one exercise to the next with little rest:

1. 30 Jumping Jacks

2. Plank held for 60 seconds.

3. Reverse crunches using SB -30

4. Side Planks- 30 seconds ea. side.

5. Ball Cobra

6. Mountain Climbers (to get that heart rate back up there)

7. Clam Shells (isolates those glutes)

8. Chest Passes with ball.  I pass it into a wall and it bouced right back to me.

9. Foot Pushes: Stand on one foot, hold off foot just off the ground, and slide as far forward you can keeping it parallel to ground.

10. Ball Throw Down.  Using bouncy ball, raise up overhead, go slightly into back extenion then forcifully throw ball down on ground.  Catch it on the bounce.

11. One legged deadlifts. Can be done with no weight.

12. Ball crunches.

Rest for 3 minutes and repeat.

Maybe next week I’ll get this -and other exercises I use on these days- down on a video.

In the meantime, work hard, sweat easily, and end smiling.

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