Internet Find #1

Through some friends, I found a fitness blogger and gym owner (who lives up in Sacto- not far from me) that I’m enjoying reading. Chip seems knowledgeable and sincere. And his ideas of empowerment through movement?


So I introduce you to Bodytribe Fitness.

An example from a recent blog post:

Wouldn’t we be in a spiritual Disneyland if we could access our personal strength capital with the ease of summoning email with a T3 connection?

Our… “personal strength capital” you say?

Yup, it’s the bank account of badass-ness, true strength that we use to overcome obstacles, transcend mediocrity and make our planet a better place. Ya know, that personal empowerment nonsense I keep blabbing on about. Imagine if our mind and body communicated as simply and effeciently as a super-fueled ATM. We ask for a withdrawal to use instantly and the ATM satisfies before we even finish the request. We’d have strength on tap, be it physical or metaphysical, and our hypothetical archetype would be the body that responds to the mind’s needs instantly, even pre-instantly.

Cats are sometimes said to be sort of wired this way. As are ninjas.

But beyond defensive techniques against dogs and, uh, other ninjas, how cool would it be to access our hard-earned empowerment to bring a bit of goodness to a situation instantly, or to teach instantly, or to learn instantly? Should we be pissed off that we can’t? No. It gives us a goal to strive for.


One response to “Internet Find #1

  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words! I hope to see you at our Strength Camp in August! Keep up the good work.

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