NOT dead

So I came home  from BlogHer completely exhausted. Totally and utterly unable to move, think, or even stay upright for long.

I thought it would clear up in a day or two and I would return to my usual peppy self. I could read and post short replies to things so if you saw me on Twitter or (gasp) even your blog’s comments you might have been fooled into thinking I was fine.

I started about 3 posts for here. But I was so frakkin’ tired I couldn’t think enough to write clearly for long. It takes less energy to read. Doctor says I may have had a virus -or an allergy- or just been way more exhausted that I knew.

Went to the gym ONCE in the last 2 weeks – last Thursday. I watched as my heart rate rose higher during my 10 minute warm up than it normally does. I did a simple full-body resistance workout and could only work at weights about 40% of my max. -or about 1/2 of my normal light workout levels.

But today I am feeling like my old self. I’m eager -for the first time in 2 weeks- to hit the gym today. Almost can’t wait. I’m going to finish up those posts I started and schedule them for posting over the next few days.

I’m welcoming me back from the (near) dead.


One response to “NOT dead

  1. So, I was talking to my friend about this after you went to your doctor because I needed to whine to someone other than you about being frakking tired. She said it happened to her husband too. He was exhausted for 10 days and then I just went away. Poof!

    The not having a lot of energy sucks, but not nearly as much as the clouds around my brain.

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