Finally back on track

Between all the sunlight in the middle of summer and an increased dosage of an SSRI, my poor brain had just a bit too much seratonin the last couple weeks.

The upside (early on): I focused well, got lots of writing and work done. Planned ahead and followed through.

The downside: I craved simple carbs because they keep the seratonin engine going. (yes, that’s why we crave carb-rich foods in the dark of winter). These foods are not fat-burning and that’s what I really need focus on at the moment diet wise.

Later in the seratonin trip, I became hypo-manic. The first symptom of a bit too much seratonin (odd that I know this when most of my life I have too little seratonin) is a return of my insomnia.

As the sleep drops below 6 hours/night my thinking becomes fuzzier and eventually I kind of drive myself into a slightly manic state. It’s not bad for the around me (I think), but the trip going on in my brain is no fun. I start focusing rather obsessively on things that might or might not be important. I acknowledge needs without necessarily satisfying them.

So I spent 2 days thinking “I’m thirsty. I should get a glass of water.” immediately followed by: “as soon as I’m done with ________.”

Hence the dehydration that rather knocked me on my butt this week.

Since I was not feeling well, I did atleast do the smart thing and stay home from the gym this week. Today will be my first workout in a week.

I’ve learned that when my body/mind is not eager to go to the gym, it is wise that I listen. I’m telling myself that I need the rest more than the movement. I’ve learned that when I’m healthy, the drive to hit the weights will return.

And with that, I’m back on track.


One response to “Finally back on track

  1. Sorry to hear about the seratonin rollercoaster–but glad things are improving and you’re back on track!

    And water–good reminder, it’s so easy to forget to drink enough!

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