Working Out HARD

I awoke yesterday morning after a poor night’s sleep – feeling quite on edge.  I felt sure that punching a wall or two would make me feel better, until the thought of breaking my hand entered my reality.

Instead, I took myself to the gym for a hard workout of compound exercises determined to work out the edginess.  Really WORK IT OUT.

I didn’t have a totally complete idea in my head.  Just Compound. Heavy. And to insure HARD- a 5×5 lift program.

What I ended up doing:

20 minutes of steady state cardio on the xtrack to warm up.  I so wanted to quit after 10 minutes, but I didn’t.  Then the fun began:

Dead Lifts:5x 95#, 5×105#, 5×105#, 5×115#, 5×115#.  Here I admit that I could lift more weight except that my hands cannot hold more weight.

One Legged, One Arm Bent-over Rows: I was waiting for flat bench. Dumb bells. 5×20#, 5×20#, 5×25#, 5×27.5# 5×27.5

Chest Press: Legs up straight, arms in a neutral position in line with nipples. Dumb-bells. 5×27.5#, 5×27.5#, 5×27.5#, 5×30#, 5×32.5#

Leg Press: 5×135#, 5×170#, 5×190#, 5x 225#, 5×275#

Then a stretch and foam rolling, followed by a hot-to cool shower.

I felt much better.

Today I got the first visit from my old friend DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in a long while.  While not my favorite visitor, I’ve missed him.  Today is all active recovery.

So what is your hard workout?

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One response to “Working Out HARD

  1. OMG!

    Let’s just say my “hard” workout would be a walk in the park for you. I am way impressed!

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