Wherein I Yammer About My Writing “Technique”.

I started writing a series of posts about HGH this past week.  I know it’s something I have to get out of my head when I START writing by labelling something Part One. It means I already know that there is so much stuff that it will be one long-assed post if I keep it all together.

I sit down and start explaining.  My writing gets pseudo-scientific and boring and starts to put me to sleep.

When I think that  I’m boring myself, and I’m interested in the topic, what will it do to you who might not know the fascinating stuff I am about to impart?  So I go back and start editing and writing in my own voice.  It’s not as scientific, but it’s real. Except that now I fear I sound a bit crazy and still won’t understand why I want to share what I do.

Deep breath.

Write a rambling post (this one)  kind of explaining the process of writing the other posts to come so I can get some of the energy out of my system and buckle down to just writing like I’m talking to you.  Like you will be interested because I’m interested.  Because you haven’t thought about these things on your own before.  Because you’d like to know.

So that’s what I’m doing and what you will be reading later this week.  I’ll start with a confession:

Since I first heard about people using HGH to fight the “breaking down” that comes with aging, I’ve been tempted to try it.  That’s about 20 years now. Funny how constant bouts of tendonitis, anxiety and sleep problems can motivate you to look for medical answers.

The things that discourage me?  The cost (upwards of $1000/month) and the fact you have to inject the stuff.  Plus, before the internet became so prominent, finding a way to get it.  So recently I’ve been learning about how exercise and diet  can help me make more of my own HGH and use it to burn fat, build lean muscle and feel better.

I got to the good HGH place last winter-when in 6 weeks I gained 8# but lost a net 11″ on my torso.  That’s lean muscle and fat burning for you.  That’s all my hormones working the right way.  I screwed up the diet part and I’m trying to get back there.



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