HGH, part one.

Last fall, at a point where I felt really good, I was weight training hard several times a week.  I had begun to do some serious HIIT cardio 2-3 times a week.  I was eating clean and healthy – avoiding processed grains except for one occasional treat a week.  I was suprised how very good felt – and how the body fat seemed to finally be melting off me.  Really.  I’d bought 2 new pairs of jeans and had to add new buttons at the waist -and then move them another inch 2 weeks later.  This never happened to me before.

I mentioned this to Trainer Adam (my bud..) and he casually said: Of course.  It’s all the hgh you’re making.

I stopped in my tracks on that one.  He pointed out that hard anaerobic exercise – pushing yourself to just short of failure- will increase your body’s demand for hgh.  Eating properly will keep the hgh flowing.  And I was reaping the benefits.  After years of fantasizing about hitting the lottery and affording the “barely legal so highly expensive” hgh supplement life, here someone was telling me how to get the same results.

And the only cost was what I was already doing- eating well and exercising.

Between the middle of November and the end of December last year I gained 8# and lost a net 4″ on my body (just rechecked those numbers)  My thighs, biceps and upper back increased slightly in size.  My bra cup size decreased nearly one full size (yes, a good thing); my waist, hips, and thighs decreased. Including losing 2″ on my waist!  I built muscle -more than a woman really should in a month.

Then a combination of prescription drug changes, drug reactions, plus some injuries threw a proverbial wrench into the program.  I have lost the endurance and some of the strength that I had less than a year ago.  I developed deep cravings for carbohydrates.  I’ve lost that killer burn that I had going and have gained an additional 15# that I cannot attribute to muscle.

But now I’m feeling healthy (finally) and I’m ready to get back to where I was early last winter.  It will probably take me until November to get there, but I’ve got the goal set:


What is HGH and why am I fascinated by it?

HGH -or Human Growth Hormone is one of the powerful anabolic (muscle and tissue building) hormones our body creates.  It causes growth, is necessary for tissue repair, burns fat -especially adipose fat in our bellies- and shifts metabolism to prefer fat burning or glycogen (sugar) burning.

In 1990, people started talking about injections of HGH as “the fountain of youth” after a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  The researcher injected small amounts (1-2 iu.s) of HGH into men 60-80 years old.  In 6 months -with no change in diet or exercise levels- they showed a 8% increase in lean mass; a 14% decrease in body fat, bone density increased in the spines, and their skin became less brittle and thin.

Until our mid-20s, HGH is produced in large quantities and utilized by our bodies to grow.  It begins to decrease production naturally in our late 20s/early 30s.  It is at this time that some of earliest signs of aging begin to appear:

  • hair begins to dull and change color.
  • begin to lose muscle mass and gain an average of 10# per decade after this age.
  • sleep begins to become a problem with some.
  • skin starts to thin slightly and early wrinkles begin to form.
  • aches and pains become more common.

These can all be signs of a lowering HGH blood level, which we think of as normal aging.

How would a adult over 30 increase the natural production and use of their own HGH?  This hormone is sensitive to:

  • low blood glucose levels
  • higher blood protein levels
  • fasting
  • deep sleep
  • exercise

These factors imply that a diet rich in complex carbohydrates (fiberous vegetables, fresh fruits), low in simple carbs (sugars and easily digestible carbs such as flour, white rice, and sugars), and healthy proteins and fats at each meal will help.

In addition, since the highest levels of HGH are released in sleep, doing what we can to get good sleep every night  increases the access to this hormone.  Hard exercise tears down the muscle and connective tissues, requiring further releases of HGH to aid in their repair.

Do you have any questions on HGH so far?  Tomorrow, my plan.

6 responses to “HGH, part one.

  1. Thank you for this awesome summary of HGH!

    (And for the reminder to get off my ass and go out and produce some of it!)

  2. I love your goals announcement! Reading other people’s fitness goals always gets me motivated.

    Thank you for writing about HGH. I am careful about the carbs and proteins I eat, and how many hours of sleep I get, because it always seem to influence my workout and how well I do, so it is interesting to read about the role of HGH in all of this.

    I hear ya on the crazy cravings for carbs (hey! alliteration?). My family is Chinese, so I grew up eating white rice every night with dinner. It’s pretty much the ultimate comfort food for me.

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  5. Thank you .
    Really , i appreciate that .

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