HGH, Part Two

Now that I’ve intrigued you about manipulating your natural ability to create HGH… Let’s remember (for many of us, there has been a holiday weekend to fog our recall):

What do I need to keep mind (and what can you do to get hgh working as your friend):

1. HGH is one of the powerful hormones that the body releases.  It’s released is tiny spurts throughout the day and has it’s largest release into the body one hour after falling asleep.  Hard anaerobic exercise (whether HIIT cardio or intense weight training- anytime you work hard enough to be come breathless and stay there for at least 30 seconds) encourages a release about an hour later, and increases the levels released during the night.

2. HGH is used to heal the body.  When we are children, HGH is the primary hormone of growth (hence it’s name); as adults it’s primary function is repairing what is damaged.  It does so by converting the fats in adipose tissue into the chemicals needed to build cellular walls, new blood vessels and connective tissue.

3. HGH is shut down by insulin.  Here’s the key.  When I eat simple carbs -sugars and refined flour products, or white potatoes or rice- the insulin spike these create completely shut down the HGH.  Insulin causes the body to STORE fat and our body’s recognize this as a more important long term survival technique.  (our body’s use millenia old techniques and do not recognize modern diets and lifestyles).  We cannot both store fat and access it to burn.  So the HGH shuts down.  What is circulating in the body goes to waste.

4. Because HGH does it best work while I’m sleeping, I need to plan on getting about 8 hours of good sleep a night.

So my goal:

  • get back to doing what I was doing right last year.  Work out hard, but allow myself plenty of time to heal.  I’m changing up to 3 full-body, compound move hard workouts a week.  Other days at the gym will be for cardio, balance and core training.  At least 2 days a week will be full rest days.
  • All these workouts need to be “metabolic” in nature.  That means lots of moving with very short rests.  I should be breathless, sweaty and red-faced within 10 minutes of starting to exercise and stay that way.  If I sit long enough to lose the sweat, I rested too long.
  • get back to eating the way I was.  It’s not for everybody, but I will look at flour-based products as my weekly treats, one or two a week. I will continue to eat plenty of healthy carbs, but these will be made up of whole grains (mainly oatmeal and brown rice, but others for variety), lots of vegetables and fruits.  Plenty of protein and healthy fats, too.
  • Time my carbs for early in the day- remembering that carbs are energy to fuel my day.  As I slow down in the evening, I stop needed more energy and stop eating carbs.
  • Get healthy sleep.  Go to bed at the same time every night.  My body wakes up at the same time every morning, no matter what, so I must respect this.
  • Fuel my workout.  I need a whole grain meal 2 hours before I hit the gym.  FOR ME, this is crucial.   The timing -again for me- is critical.  Have it too early, and after the workout I’m dying for simple carbs to refuel my muscles.  I will completely defeat the hard work with these.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Not normally a problem, but I must be sure that with the metabolism of fats I get enough water to maintain hydration.
  • Taking 400 mg of magnesium and zinc at bedtime seems to help encourage HGH burn.

My starting numbers: weight, 145# -I’d like to get it down to 128# by the end of the year.  Body Fat Composition: 29.9 %.  I’d like this down to 24# which mathematically means most of the weight I wish to lose should be fat.

Let the engine start burning!


3 responses to “HGH, Part Two

  1. youre so freakin smart.

    you and my husband.

    when he lifted (theres another story :)) he really focused on harnessing the power of hs natural hormones/HGH

    it really worked for him.

    • And when I lift – harnessing the HGH is the reason to do so.

      Cannot wait until I get my shoulder fixed to start really lifting again.

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