Back. Up.

I returned from my 4 day retreat in Tahoe – tired. Not exactly what I expected from a long weekend of rest; and rest is exactly what I did.

For 4 days, I knitted, talked, slept, ate too much, enjoyed the scenery, and basically chilled. The most physically active thing I did was foam roll every day. Which, by the way, went a long way on the resting/healing scale to make be feel better.

My eating was not fabulous. If there is one culprit in my less than energetic return, I would have to lay the blame there. I have yet to be successful at planning and enforcing a different diet on myself when surrounded by others who are eating much differently.

Partly, because the food they bring is so damn tempting -chips, cake, breads. And partly because, in my head, I feel judged for what I do eat and what I don’t.

I’m not sure that that judgement really exists anywhere outside of my own head. OK, a little bit of it does. Or maybe some of my friends feel as if I’m judging their diet if I eat differently?

I’m not sure.

But I’m home. Back on track. And feeling a little more energized every day.


One response to “Back. Up.

  1. yeaaah trips are infamous for bad eating habits. i went camping for labor day weekend for 4 days- i had to block it out of my mind to stay sane, lol. its amazing how eating like crap effects how you feel physically- i felt sick and tired for a few days afterwards

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