Plan of the Week

Realized last night that I haven’t written a plan of the week yet.  I’m sure some of this bores the hair off your head (why can’t it bore the hair off my chin?  I don’t want it there anyway.), but it’s a good tool for my own tracking.


M,W,F: Full-body compound movement exercises.  Deadlift, DB bench press, Squats, Rows, Lunges, Lat Pulls.  Monday-medium weight/Wed. light/Friday heavy.

T,Th,S: Stability and balance workouts.  Planks, etc. Foot pushes, agility drills.  Little rest between movements -and do all in a circuit fashion.

Sunday (technically starting the new week): day of full rest.  Let’s hope there are some good football games on.

Besides the stuff in the gym, I walk the dogs each day, work on my garden and other regularly activites.


Back to 1450 calories. Lots of veggies and fruit, good protein, quality fats.  Whole grains before and after a workout only.


Write. Move forward on life plans. Have some fun.

The fun will be easy.  I’m meeting friends at the Coliseum Friday to see my Indians and my A’s battle it out.  Saturday is a brunch/makeup party.  Fun and social activities in one.  Yay!


2 responses to “Plan of the Week


    and you know me. my thoughts. so I wont comment on the calories :)

  2. If you could bore the hair off my chin I would be most grateful! What the hell is up with chin hair anyway? I pluck it and its back the next day. If I could sell it to balding men I’d make a fortune.

    And yeah, have a great time at the game and brunch!

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