Name This Exercise

Friday I did one of my favorite exercise routines. In 20-30 minutes, with no counting and just a little thinking, you can get a full body resistance workout plus a cardio workout plus ab workout.

All in one package. Without using a machine and without lying on the floor.

With a little creative planning, you could do this exercise at a park, in your neighborhood, at a rest stop while driving. Making this a truly functional

Sounds fantastic, yes? So fantastic that I need a name for it. One that wraps up all that potential fabulousness and still kind of scares the bejesus out of someone when they hear it.

And that’s where you come in. Please help me name this exercise.

The details:

The real basics: I pick up something heavy and walk with it.

More: I gather a small variety of weights- maybe a 10#dumb bell, a 25# weight plate, a couple 35# weight plates, maybe a 20# barbell.  Put them in one place with water bottle and towel.

I pick one up and:

  • hug it to my chest
  • hold it to my chest with my arms out to the side
  • hold it over my head -with one or two hands
  • hold it to one side
  • pick 2 up and hold one in either hand

Then I walk one circuit around the gym.  All the while working to maintain perfect posture: head in line with body, chin slightly tucked, standing straight, tummy engaged.  My gym is kind of big and bit crowded, so this takes me between 30-60 seconds.

Then I pick up a different weight, hold it a different way and start over again.

It takes a few laps at the gym before anyone “gets” what I’m doing -at first glance everyone assumes I’m just either loading something up or re-racking a weight.  Then they see me repeating the motion with different weights in different positions – one dumb bell held overhead is often a clue- and smile and wait for my return.

This exercise really does work the whole body and so much better than for a quick workout than any circuit of machines.

But what do I call it?  “Carry Something Heavy and Walk” is just too long.

2 responses to “Name This Exercise

  1. farmers walk
    suit case walk

    they are strong man exercises

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