Escaping the Plague Ship

So I was AWOL most of last week.  Monday I came down with that cold-like bug that’s going around and spent the rest of the week a snotty-nosed mess hackin’ up my lungs like a 3-pack a day smoker.

If you find yourself getting that little tickle?  This virus seems short-lived – most of us were feeling better in three days- except that every 3 hours or so the sinuses open wide and the coughing becomes uncontrollable.  It lasts about 15 minutes, then goes away until the next bout.

Charming, I’m sure.  Bet you’re glad I shared that.

Anyway, this virus left me foggy-brained and unable to form a clear thought.  So quiet I was.  And while I was unable to concentrate enough to write, I also wasn’t in any shape to work out hard.  Walking, some simply body weight work, some light weights here at home were about the extent of it.

By Sunday, I was plain itching to get into the gym again.  My plans for today:

30 minutes of cardio – the dogs still need walking afterall.

  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Leg Press
  • Lat Pulls

A good full body hit that’s not too, too demanding on my “getting over the plague” body.

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