Friday’s Circuit Workout

Because I believe in functional workouts and making sure that I develop real world function strength, I normally alternate my strength workouts with what I call stability/function circuit workouts.  I have a big list of moves that I pull from for these – individual actions and combinations that challenge me and keep me fresh.

Because I’m still not feeling 100%, I chose to do one of these workouts today.  I aimed for 2 circuits; but after one, I was a sweaty, breathless puddle of goo- and unable to continue.

Friday’s Circuit Workout:

1. Stability Warm-up:

  • Knee pull-ins on SB to push upx15
  • Reverse crunch on SB x15
  • Side Planks 1 minute each side
  • YTAs on SB

2. Burpees/10# DBs. X15

3. Statue of Liberty paired with ATG bodyweight squats to bicep curls. 10# DBs

4. One leg balance to transvere backward lunge paired with One legged bentover rows – with 20# BB

5. One legged deadlifts 10# weight plate.

6. (KB) swings with 10# weight plate.

7. One legged bicep curls with 20# BB


One response to “Friday’s Circuit Workout

  1. Smart to cut the workout short if you’re still feeling poorly. Plus, there’s some seriously challenging stuff in there!

    Hope you feel 100% soon!

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