Oh my aching Glutes!

Because I’ve been ill lately- a bacterial sinus/lung infection that left me plagued with fatigue and a general sense that I couldn’t breathe well – I have not been going to the gym.  I know I’m really sick when the idea of hitting the gym feels like a major mistake.

Fortunately, the meds have kicked in, and I’m back.

One thing that I notice happens when I don’t work out regularly is a lower back ache that becomes worse the longer I’m away from the gym.  When I get back in there, the only thing that makes it feel better is hitting the leg press machine for one-legged presses.  Three sets.  Ten reps on the strong side, 15 on the weak side.  And prepare for pain.

Did a full leg workout on Monday -my first truly healthy day.  Lightish deadlift, back lunges, leg press, step ups to balance, front lunges. Get all those muscles reminded that they have a purpose in life- to keep me upright and balanced and MOVING. I fell on my ass while doing one of sets of lunges- a sure sign that my balance and coordination took a hit while I down.

The big part of the day was the leg press.  135# with each leg letting the weight down as close to my body as I could.  Three sets.  Easy, I thought, on my good leg; torture on my left.  The last set I had to use my good leg as an assist (if I had a trainer with me- the trainer would have helped to hold the weight of the bar) to complete the set.

And my glutes have been yacking at me ever since.  Which is a good thing. I’d rather my glutes complain than my lower back.  One complains because it was challenged and is now healing.  (any day now, glutes!)  The other complains because of weaknesses that strain it.

Tomorrow I’ll challenge the legs again.  The change in performance will be noticeable to me; I will probably do one or two more reps before needing help.  Hopefully no falling on my butt.  We’ll see.

Today’s workout: 30 minutes of cardio followed by a stability/balance workout: planks, bridges, one legged deadlifts, foot balances, etc.  Done in a circuit style that will have me flinging sweat all around.


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