Adapting to Challenges

Ok. This is a little different than what might be my normal take with a title like adapting to challenges. Where you’d usually expect to read about changing up set and reps and planning your workouts for a future goal, today I’m talking about something more personal.

Equally challenging.
This thought started when @MizFitOnline spotted a gal working out her gym in her tight-fitting street-clothes styled jeans. Through the different tweets it wound to:

u get to gym & discover you’ve no clothes 2 workout in. lift in denim or skip w.o. Discuss. (wink)

Now this is rarely a problem for me. I head out the door wearing what I’ll be working out in most of the time. So getting to the gym and finding my clothes missing isn’t usually a problem.

However, IF I were in that situation, I’d likely continue to do some kind of workout in my street clothes. I’m sure I’d have to change something. Maybe not do some lifts; and if I was heading somewhere afterward DEFINITELY not do a lot of cardio or work where I get all sweaty.

This is the biggest challenge for me. See, while I’m prepared heading into the gym – I often forget one important piece of clothing for after I shower and I’m heading out of the gym. Sometimes a bra or panty, yesterday a clean shirt. Whatever I’m missing I have a perhaps harder choice:

After my workout and my shower (as big a part of the workout to me as the time upstairs on the floor) do I put on the sweaty, sopping wet, dirty piece of missing clothing to head out into the world? Or do I do without?

Honestly? If it’s underwear, I do without. Hate the idea of going commado or having my boobs not supported, but hate the idea of sopping wet undies under clean outerwear more. EEWWWW.

Outerwear, however, I will buck it up – at least until I get into my car. That walk up the stairs and through the gym wearing a sweaty shirt or pants or even shoes is -to say the least- unpleasant.

Yesterday I somehow forgot a clean t-shirt. I think I actually believed I had one packed and took out the clean shirt and left it at home. So I made that trek. As soon as I was safely in my car, I tore the sweaty disgusting item off and drove home in my bra.

All the while thinking: If I have an accident this will be very embarrassing. But worth it. So glad no semi drivers rolled up next to me on the freeway.

So I ask you: when you head to gym and find you are less than prepared in the clothing department (either for your workout or your life afterward), what choice do you make?

Do you continue on? Forgo the workout? How do you adapt? Or even better make sure you don’t have to?


2 responses to “Adapting to Challenges

  1. hmmm
    if Ive been really regular as of late I SKIP and take it as a sign from the universe I need a break.

    If I HAVENT I get all kinds of creative (but wouldnt lift in tight designer jeans :))

  2. I wouldn’t do any cardio without a sports bra, otherwise I’d try to do it anyway. I’ve gone and forgotten my sneakers (sandals will get me kicked out), shorts/gym shirt (very warm workout). I’ve forgotten socks, and I’ll work out looking very silly in dress socks. Occasionally, it works out that the only exercise I’m getting is the bike ride to gym and home, but at least I tried.

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