Shakin It Up

Sunday I headed to the gym early and took a Turbo Kick Boxing class. My purpose was two-fold: get an hour of sweaty cardio in post-Thanksgiving and shake up my routine.

A Facebook friend goes to these classes all the time and I had mentioned to her that I’d attend. We’ve never met in person- but a class is a great way to meet some new people.

The class was great. I was sweaty and breathless within about 10 minutes. Completely lost at 20 minutes and frustrated enough that I had to walk out of the class at 30 minutes.

I’m not good at classes where you have learn a lot of new moves (all the punches) plus actually move back and forth and up and down. By the 1/2 way point I was frustrated, feeling really stupid and ready to quit.

So I left but only long enough to walk around a little and get my head in a better place. EVERYONE has a first class where they’re lost. The important thing isn’t to be the star of the class. It’s to be in the class.

It’s to be frustrated, notice what’s happening around me and try the best I can. I may never know when to do a “frog jump” – or even how to do one- but I can punch and step and watch those around me.

The class was a great workout -so completely outside my normal routine that I’m sitting here sore from the exertion.

And I’m happy I endured. Next steps on the shaking it up? A cardio Hip Hop class in Oakland on Saturday (I’m not necessarily saying THIS Saturday) and an attempt at the Non-Stop Banghra nights sometime.


One response to “Shakin It Up

  1. Oh, TurboKick. I love it. Actually, those are some of the few DVDs I’ll even do at home, mostly because I swear the instructor is on crack or something: she’s SO EXCITED to be doing it! It always makes me laugh. :) I like Hip-Hop too, although every instructor I’ve ever had has laughed at me (good-naturedly). Apparently my 13 years of prissy ballet training show through, LOL!

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