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Goals for 2010

While I’m on a “let’s examine where we’re heading in 2010…” mood, it is a good time for me to consider my own personal goals for this year.

  1. Bench press 5 reps with 45# plates on the bar.  Just because. Aim date: 2/15.
  2. Get my cardio endurance back up to doing 6 1 minute sprints at 7.5 MPH during one interval training session. Aim date: 3/1
  3. Do Turkish Get Up with a 20# DB. aim date: 3/1
  4. Stand on one leg -with eyes closed – for 45 seconds. Aim date: 7/1
  5. Do 5 hanging pull ups. Aim date: 7/1
  6. Get a job as a Personal Trainer. ASAP.
  7. Lose the extra 25# I’ve gained in 2009. Aim date:7/1
  8. Try something fun and different each month. January: either hip hop cardio or belly dancing.
  9. Pass my Corrective Exercise Cert. Exam. Aim: 2/1
  10. Develop a strong core. Aim: 4/15.

Looking at the hoped for dates of completion, I will re-examine this list on my birthday.

What are some of your goals for next year?


Fitness Trends for 2010

I’m not sure a year ago I could have looked into a crystal ball and foreseen some of the trends in fitness, but this year I’m looking forward and trying to see where the trends are heading.

Helpful to me and others who are trying to build a fitness business.

Cost-Conscious Workouts at Fitness Clubs and at Home:  With the cost of a session with a trainer averaging close to $100 each, it makes sense to find ways to economize on workouts without compromising the positive effects of these.  I see more trainers and facilities welcoming team training- working out 2 friends together if they are near the same capabilities.
Additionally, more people will start adding some equipment to their homes again to take advantage of space and smaller units of time.  Long-term programs such as P90X and 30 day Shred will continue to be popular.

Group Training: Boot camps, Cross-fit style workouts, circuit training will let the client make the most of their limited time and resources. I expect to see more “unique” classes -additional styles of dance, hopping classes, all sorts of variety.  The wise trainer will begin designing all their workouts to emphasize circuit-style programs for the clients.
WiiFit and Games: will continue to climb in popularity and be taken to the next level in  fitness clubs.  Integrating video competitions and play into some of the cardio equipment is growning in popularity at many gyms.
Special Population-Specific Programs: Special fitness programming for aging adults is being to grow.  One of the few populations with some money to spend on fitness are the boomers, and they are recognizing  the benefits that come with regular exercise from improved energy levels and few aches and pains, to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  Increasing “functionality” to this population will help them live independantly longer.  Look next for the post-natal women to start seeking specialized help.
Functional Training: My WORD OF THE YEAR is Functional.  Training workouts will increase in variety, including TRX,  stretchy bands, and other portable systems.  The portability and time-efficiency of these workouts will appeal to people looking to stay fit at home, the office, the gym or while traveling.

Importance of Proper Professional Credentials: In 2010, some states will require that anyone who presents themselves as a Personal Trainer must be certified by a nationally recognized program.  (for example, NASM, ACE, ISSA).  I keep reading that the Feds want to require accreditation too.  So when working with a professional it is reasonable to ask about their certs.

Fitness Training Tools and Hardware: With BodyBuggs being seen on Biggest Loser, and with their manufacturer finally selling a version of the equipment not tied to Apex/24 Hour, see these wearable monitoring piecing becoming more popular.  Other hardware such as FitBit, improved heart rate monitors, and more accurate pedometers mean we will likely see more people strapped up to some kind of hardware.

Online and Mobile Tracking/Training Tools. While many people may be adopting online tracking toolings ( I’ve used FitDay for years, and still recommend it to people who want a free online calorie/exercise trackers.), I see the popularity of smart phone apps being a greater influence this year. Since purchasing an iTouch, I’ve switch over to the Lose It app. (and if you have an iTouch or iPhone I recommend it). This takes my tracking along with me in a simple format. Hope they have a Android app for when I updated my phone in a couple months.

What trends do you see continuing into the 2010?

Silly Human Tricks

My entry into MizFit’s Bloggers Virtual Talent Show is less about an actual talent and more about how I goof with my dogs. But how many humans can say they howl better than their dogs do?

My Mantra

Belief is the secret of doing. Believing that something is possible is the first step to making something real.

Because of that, I have a mantra that I wear on a necklace all the time:

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

Reminding myself that the belief is the secret keeps me moving in the right direction.

What is your mantra?

Things I Learned About Being Fit This Year

  1. Taking zinc and magnesium right before I go to bed gives me the best night’s sleep- yet lets me wake up without drowsiness.
  2. For me, breathing capacity and endurance are hard fought and easily lost. Continuously challenging my endurance is important when I’m not sick.
  3. Interval training is the best way to work on breathing endurance.
  4. I LOVE the way I feel after I lift heavy.
  5. I need to listen to body.  Often I’m capable of doing much more than I think I can.  Forget the brain-listen to the muscle.
  6. Stretching my calves eliminates a whole lot of aches and pains in my legs and back.
  7. Foam rolling is magical.  Really.
  8. As much as I’m not fond of stretching, it makes me feels better.
  9. I like being thin- but I don’t like the work to get through that last 10 pounds or so.
  10. So when I gained it back, I have had a hard time motivating myself to lose it again.
  11. Seriously.  1250 calories a day to lose the weight?  Do you know how carefully you have to plan to get enough nutrition on that?
  12. Massages make me feel ooozie.  But better.
  13. I can lift a lot heavier than I ever believed.
  14. Lifting heavy is accomplished in increments.  Large body movements like dead can increase in weight about every two weeks.  Smaller muscle groups-like chest press- take more like a month.
  15. Getting sick sets me back further than I ever expected.
  16. Most of that setback is in endurance.
  17. The trick to balance? Keep your shoulders back and firm.
  18. If your shoulders roll forward, your body is already starting to fall…
  19. Oatmeal 2 hours before a workout seems to be my perfect pre-workout food.
  20. I still haven’t worked out the perfect post-workout plan.
  21. I need a trainer or friend to work out with regularly.  By myself, I am prone to listen to head when it wants to quit.
  22. The head will quit before the body does.
  23. Or in other words: It can’t be too heavy or too many reps if your arms are still moving.
  24. Unless it’s a leg exercise of course.
  25. Sleep really is the secret to healing.
  26. Exercising makes me want to exercise more.  The day after a great workout, I wake up anxious to do it again.
  27. The day after I don’t work out, I find it hard to go to the gym.
  28. It scares me that I have spent so much time recently thinking I could give this up and never see a gym again.
  29. I think I need a major shake up to my routine.  But I don’t know where to look to get it.
  30. I need to do something that scares me.  That is, something I really suck at.  And learn that I can do and not get hurt.
  31. I love seeing people smile at the gym.
  32. The secret to being a good trainer is to LOVE your clients.
  33. One important point in nutrition is to eat a lot of vegetables.
  34. I always thought I didn’t LIKE veggies.  I actually do.  I don’t like prepping and cooking veggies.
  35. I LOVE steamed greens.  And they are very, very good for me.
  36. I am healthier if I completely forgo wheat and corn.  Do you know how hard this is in our society unless I eat every meal at home?
  37. I get into routines -RUTS- when it comes to everything I do, including eating.  And it’s too easy to slip back into the old ways of cooking and heating instead of the ways that worked to keep me lean and happy.
  38. Eat some fruit and veggies every time you eat.  The veggies part is still hard before noon.
  39. Sleep is magical.
  40. There is still so much more out there for me to learn.

A Few of My Favorite Things…

I am not a blogger who is given things to review.  Still, I am a consumer and often find things I love.  Lately- probably because the end of the year is coming- I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite fitness things:

1. Nike Frees. The style I love has been discontinued and the link is to the closest style to my beloved shoes.  What will I replace these with when they wear out?  I do not know.

2. Harbinger Wrist Wraps. These leather wraps are soft and light yet give some support to my aching wrists.

3. Skirt Sport Gym Girl skirt. This too has been discontinued. I wear my skirt sport all summer to workout in – and I wore it the first day of BlogHer just because it was so comfy.  I would have like a little more compression from the compression shorts – but that was it.  Now to find another design that I like as well.

4. Foam Rollers. I’ve learned this year the pleasure of using a foam roller. Like a mini-massage, these relieve pain and tightness and keep my moving.

5. Emerald Cocoa Dusted Almonds. I can’t have chocolate every day- but I can have a handful of these cocoa dusted almonds.  They are delish- give me a serving of healthy fats and satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

6. Keen footwear. I own 3 different styles: the Cheyenne, the Calistoga, and the Newport H2 sandals.  They get me where I want to go when I want to get there.

7. Omron Pedometer. Mine is broken and I haven’t replaced it, but this is by far the best pedometer available.  Why?  You do not have to clip it to your waist (where on me, then tend to flip sideways, stop working, and fall into the toilet).  The Omron can detect movement when placed in a pocket, carried in your purse under your arm, or -where I often wore it- slipped into your bra.  Need I say more?

8. My Old Navy yoga pants with pockets.  Nope these are not them.  Old Navy quit making the ones I loved and came out with all their styles sans pockets.  What am I supposed to do with these?  The 2 pair I have are my “go to” every day pants.  WHY ARE ALL MANUFACTURERS ELIMINATING POCKETS?

9. Lifting Hooks. My limit on many exercises are my wrists.  These hooks are how I manage to deadlift and work on my pull ups without totally destroying my wrists.

10. Protein powder. The only way that I can get enough protein a day -without too much fat- is to use a protein powder to supplement some of my intake (about 2-3 servings a day).  I use the chocolate -again hitting that craving- before and after a hard workout and then again before I go to bed at night.

There you have it.. 10 of my favorite fitness things.  I wonder what I will replace of these with in the new year.  If you have suggestions  (especially for my Old Navy pants with pockets) please let me know.  And share some of your favorite things too.


I’ve spent the weekend considering taking up the 100 pushup challenge.  A year ago I was pretty good at push-ups.  Then a pinched nerve in my neck and some med problems had me not doing these for a while.

Now I’m not nearly as good as I used to be.

A challenge would get me back on track, but a part of me is concerned that I could end up irritating that pesky cervical nerve again.  Last thing I want to do.

Besides, what would I get out of the pushup challenge besides bragging rights that many of others have?

When I thought about it, I want a challenge that is not only challenging to me but also something that will address a weakness I have.  Upper body strength isn’t really my weakness.  So at this point a push up or pull up challenge would be a vanity exercise.

So I’m designing my own challenge.

I hate doing lunges.  Why?  Because without perfect form they hurt they back; with perfect form they challenge my balance and work my weak adductors and pelvic floor.

The things that make lunges hard are the things that make lunges great.  So I’m going to be working on lunges.  Working up to 100.. or 100 each leg?

If you had to design a challenge that truly challenged your weaknesses what would you choose to do?