I’ve spent the weekend considering taking up the 100 pushup challenge.  A year ago I was pretty good at push-ups.  Then a pinched nerve in my neck and some med problems had me not doing these for a while.

Now I’m not nearly as good as I used to be.

A challenge would get me back on track, but a part of me is concerned that I could end up irritating that pesky cervical nerve again.  Last thing I want to do.

Besides, what would I get out of the pushup challenge besides bragging rights that many of others have?

When I thought about it, I want a challenge that is not only challenging to me but also something that will address a weakness I have.  Upper body strength isn’t really my weakness.  So at this point a push up or pull up challenge would be a vanity exercise.

So I’m designing my own challenge.

I hate doing lunges.  Why?  Because without perfect form they hurt they back; with perfect form they challenge my balance and work my weak adductors and pelvic floor.

The things that make lunges hard are the things that make lunges great.  So I’m going to be working on lunges.  Working up to 100.. or 100 each leg?

If you had to design a challenge that truly challenged your weaknesses what would you choose to do?


2 responses to “Challenge?

  1. core core core core core.

  2. Lunges are my bugbear too – I love them for what they do for me, I hate doing them. I may steal your lunges challenge and do it myself.

    Actually, right now, there are a lot of exercises I’m hating, simply because I feel off the wagon!

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