A Few of My Favorite Things…

I am not a blogger who is given things to review.  Still, I am a consumer and often find things I love.  Lately- probably because the end of the year is coming- I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite fitness things:

1. Nike Frees. The style I love has been discontinued and the link is to the closest style to my beloved shoes.  What will I replace these with when they wear out?  I do not know.

2. Harbinger Wrist Wraps. These leather wraps are soft and light yet give some support to my aching wrists.

3. Skirt Sport Gym Girl skirt. This too has been discontinued. I wear my skirt sport all summer to workout in – and I wore it the first day of BlogHer just because it was so comfy.  I would have like a little more compression from the compression shorts – but that was it.  Now to find another design that I like as well.

4. Foam Rollers. I’ve learned this year the pleasure of using a foam roller. Like a mini-massage, these relieve pain and tightness and keep my moving.

5. Emerald Cocoa Dusted Almonds. I can’t have chocolate every day- but I can have a handful of these cocoa dusted almonds.  They are delish- give me a serving of healthy fats and satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

6. Keen footwear. I own 3 different styles: the Cheyenne, the Calistoga, and the Newport H2 sandals.  They get me where I want to go when I want to get there.

7. Omron Pedometer. Mine is broken and I haven’t replaced it, but this is by far the best pedometer available.  Why?  You do not have to clip it to your waist (where on me, then tend to flip sideways, stop working, and fall into the toilet).  The Omron can detect movement when placed in a pocket, carried in your purse under your arm, or -where I often wore it- slipped into your bra.  Need I say more?

8. My Old Navy yoga pants with pockets.  Nope these are not them.  Old Navy quit making the ones I loved and came out with all their styles sans pockets.  What am I supposed to do with these?  The 2 pair I have are my “go to” every day pants.  WHY ARE ALL MANUFACTURERS ELIMINATING POCKETS?

9. Lifting Hooks. My limit on many exercises are my wrists.  These hooks are how I manage to deadlift and work on my pull ups without totally destroying my wrists.

10. Protein powder. The only way that I can get enough protein a day -without too much fat- is to use a protein powder to supplement some of my intake (about 2-3 servings a day).  I use the chocolate -again hitting that craving- before and after a hard workout and then again before I go to bed at night.

There you have it.. 10 of my favorite fitness things.  I wonder what I will replace of these with in the new year.  If you have suggestions  (especially for my Old Navy pants with pockets) please let me know.  And share some of your favorite things too.


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