Things I Learned About Being Fit This Year

  1. Taking zinc and magnesium right before I go to bed gives me the best night’s sleep- yet lets me wake up without drowsiness.
  2. For me, breathing capacity and endurance are hard fought and easily lost. Continuously challenging my endurance is important when I’m not sick.
  3. Interval training is the best way to work on breathing endurance.
  4. I LOVE the way I feel after I lift heavy.
  5. I need to listen to body.  Often I’m capable of doing much more than I think I can.  Forget the brain-listen to the muscle.
  6. Stretching my calves eliminates a whole lot of aches and pains in my legs and back.
  7. Foam rolling is magical.  Really.
  8. As much as I’m not fond of stretching, it makes me feels better.
  9. I like being thin- but I don’t like the work to get through that last 10 pounds or so.
  10. So when I gained it back, I have had a hard time motivating myself to lose it again.
  11. Seriously.  1250 calories a day to lose the weight?  Do you know how carefully you have to plan to get enough nutrition on that?
  12. Massages make me feel ooozie.  But better.
  13. I can lift a lot heavier than I ever believed.
  14. Lifting heavy is accomplished in increments.  Large body movements like dead can increase in weight about every two weeks.  Smaller muscle groups-like chest press- take more like a month.
  15. Getting sick sets me back further than I ever expected.
  16. Most of that setback is in endurance.
  17. The trick to balance? Keep your shoulders back and firm.
  18. If your shoulders roll forward, your body is already starting to fall…
  19. Oatmeal 2 hours before a workout seems to be my perfect pre-workout food.
  20. I still haven’t worked out the perfect post-workout plan.
  21. I need a trainer or friend to work out with regularly.  By myself, I am prone to listen to head when it wants to quit.
  22. The head will quit before the body does.
  23. Or in other words: It can’t be too heavy or too many reps if your arms are still moving.
  24. Unless it’s a leg exercise of course.
  25. Sleep really is the secret to healing.
  26. Exercising makes me want to exercise more.  The day after a great workout, I wake up anxious to do it again.
  27. The day after I don’t work out, I find it hard to go to the gym.
  28. It scares me that I have spent so much time recently thinking I could give this up and never see a gym again.
  29. I think I need a major shake up to my routine.  But I don’t know where to look to get it.
  30. I need to do something that scares me.  That is, something I really suck at.  And learn that I can do and not get hurt.
  31. I love seeing people smile at the gym.
  32. The secret to being a good trainer is to LOVE your clients.
  33. One important point in nutrition is to eat a lot of vegetables.
  34. I always thought I didn’t LIKE veggies.  I actually do.  I don’t like prepping and cooking veggies.
  35. I LOVE steamed greens.  And they are very, very good for me.
  36. I am healthier if I completely forgo wheat and corn.  Do you know how hard this is in our society unless I eat every meal at home?
  37. I get into routines -RUTS- when it comes to everything I do, including eating.  And it’s too easy to slip back into the old ways of cooking and heating instead of the ways that worked to keep me lean and happy.
  38. Eat some fruit and veggies every time you eat.  The veggies part is still hard before noon.
  39. Sleep is magical.
  40. There is still so much more out there for me to learn.

One response to “Things I Learned About Being Fit This Year

  1. Great list, and I may have to steal some of these ideas.

    And 23 & 24 cracked me up!

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