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Back to Non-Running Woman

I thought I would do the C25K program and learn how to be a “running woman.”  I thought this although I find the very thought of running distasteful.  I thought this although in my more than 1/2 century of living I have never liked running.

Delusional much?

I got through 3 weeks of the training program, and remembered exactly why I don’t like running.  Pain.

As in shin-splints, gracilis, psoas, and low back pain.  My body is not physically in a place where I CAN be a running woman.  I need to do some serious repair first.

For at least two years I could barely bend my foot-which means for a long time before that I had altered movements that weren’t as severe.  Three years ago, I had surgery to correct the condition, but even my awesome podiatrist nor my way-cool trainer understood the effect that those years had my body.

I’m studying Corrective Exercises now- the practice of noticing the movement impairments we all have (and yes, we ALL have them), and addressing these impairments to improve our future.

Houston, when it comes to my left leg, we have a major problem.

I’m going to videotape myself doing some of the assessment movements – talk through what I feel I’m doing wrong- and blog what I SEE I’m doing wrong.

Then I’m going to address treating these weaknesses -lo, so long in coming- to give me a better body.  Anyone want to play along?  Let me know in comments.

Running Woman

Don’t look now, but I’m (sorta, kinda) running.

At least I’ve finished my version of week 2 of C25.  It really wasn’t challenging me too much so I adapted it:

Original week two: jog for 90 seconds/ walk for 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes.        Mine: jog (5.0-5.5 mph) for 2 minutes/walk for 3 minutes.  Since the weather has not been conducive to running outside, this is easier to deal with on a treadmill.

Next week is supposed to be jog/walk for 90 seconds; jog/walk for 3 minutes.  I will probably just do the jog/walk- aiming for jogging for 3 minutes, walking for 2.  Four rounds of this is the 20 minute training prescribed.

By the end of these workouts, I’m sweaty and winded and all those things I’m supposed to be.  Trying to imagine myself doing this -voluntarily- for much longer than a couple months.  I think I better sign up for a 5K soon to keep me on track.

A New Direction

Yes, my shoulder is hurt, making it a challenge to do some of the things I’ve planned to do.  However, in a year of approaching life as its positives, I’m choosing to adjust my expectations.

There are a couple activities when it comes to fitness that I’ve pushed to the back burner.  Ignored.  Not had time for or interest in: running a race, agility work, plyometrics.

These are all valid activities – I had to read about agility and plyo work when I took my cert. test.  I even bought an agility ladder and tried out some of the activities a time or two.

Then left it.

However, these activities are activities that now I have a good 6-8 weeks to DO.  Six to eight weeks to learn new skills, understand how they fit into the life of middle-aged women who are not athletes and how I can feel comfortable working them into clients’ plans.

So I’ve started training for the Couch to 5K.  I’ve even found a likely 5K race to run in -and a charity to raise funds for.  (wait- I’ll hit you up for that later.  Promise).

I’ve written my weeks plan to spend at least one day doing plyo and agility drills.  Which so tickled TrainerBud Adam, that he’s agreed to work out with me the first time or two – for his own good and to make sure I know what I’m doing.

The reason for these?

Agility -like it sounds- is the ability to move your feet in an efficient manner. Quickly and in a variety of directions.  One good reason to give these a try: they can improve my less-than-stellar coordination and concentration.  Speedier thought processes?  Another reason to give Agility a try!

Plyometrics is all about power.  Jumping and hopping.  These activities should translate into stronger lifts when I get back to the weights.

So, not a set back- a new direction.  I’m kind of excited!


OK, so after listing a number of goals for 2010- they will have to be postponed.

I have strained and slightly torn my rotator cuff, which means no lifting until March.

Push the strength goals back 3-5 months. And watch, instead, as I look for exercise alternatives that do not involved using my arms.

Can you say C25K? I can.

I have even found a likely “kick-off run” to take part in:  The Oakland Running Festival’s 5K run around Lake Merritt.