Back to Non-Running Woman

I thought I would do the C25K program and learn how to be a “running woman.”  I thought this although I find the very thought of running distasteful.  I thought this although in my more than 1/2 century of living I have never liked running.

Delusional much?

I got through 3 weeks of the training program, and remembered exactly why I don’t like running.  Pain.

As in shin-splints, gracilis, psoas, and low back pain.  My body is not physically in a place where I CAN be a running woman.  I need to do some serious repair first.

For at least two years I could barely bend my foot-which means for a long time before that I had altered movements that weren’t as severe.  Three years ago, I had surgery to correct the condition, but even my awesome podiatrist nor my way-cool trainer understood the effect that those years had my body.

I’m studying Corrective Exercises now- the practice of noticing the movement impairments we all have (and yes, we ALL have them), and addressing these impairments to improve our future.

Houston, when it comes to my left leg, we have a major problem.

I’m going to videotape myself doing some of the assessment movements – talk through what I feel I’m doing wrong- and blog what I SEE I’m doing wrong.

Then I’m going to address treating these weaknesses -lo, so long in coming- to give me a better body.  Anyone want to play along?  Let me know in comments.


4 responses to “Back to Non-Running Woman

  1. sounds like me thinking i can just contra for a week, two years in a row! ha! but i’m not giving up! i’m not really doing anything about it just now, i’m just “not giving up!”

  2. It’s more important to listen to your body than it ever will be to finish a program like C25k. I’m very curious to read along with you on this. It sounds like something most people should do!

    • Gemfit,

      The people I’ve seen as “demonstraters” – those we check for movement impairments include the VP of NASM and the trainer who is the expert in corrective exercises (Eric Beard).

      Right now, try to pull your foot up toward your shins. You’re supposed to be able to bring it about 20 degrees beyond perpendicular. I can bring my left foot about 5. Eric? Cannot bring his left to TO perpendicular!! (Or is this a cobbler’s kids story??)

      If these guys need help, rest assured WE ALL DO.

  3. Hi – surfed over here from Skwigg’s blog. Have you checked how you tie your running shoes? Here is an article from Runner’s World:,7120,s6-238-267–12334-0,00.html

    Long ago when I was training for a marathon, a woman from Texas taught me how to tie my shoes in the manner of the last example of the article. She said it was for metatarsal support – I had so much foot pain, it was unbelievable – until I began tying my shoes this way. I have passed on this pic to numerous others with the same results – friends who thought they couldn’t run because of the foot pain, shin splints, etc, suddenly were feeling great and progressing wonderfully, all thanks to a little shoe lace trick. Try it! It can’t hurt. :)

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