Lessons in Weight Training #1: Show Up

This is likely to be an on-going but somewhat irregular series of lessons we learn through working out.

Lesson #1: Show Up

It may be obvious, but the very first lesson we learn from working out is that you have to show up.

Sitting on the couch sipping your morning coffee and watching Steve Ross move his class through their yoga moves – because you like the music on the show?- is NOT going to get you more flexible, more balanced, more centered. -And if does, would please share your brand of coffee with me?

The only way you benefit from training is to actually show up and do it.

Now this is true of anything- thinking, trying, hoping are poor substitutes for doing if it’s reading a book, finding a job, or hiking the Grand Canyon.  However- with the possible exception of the Grand Canyon trip- very few activities leave you with the physical evidence that you showed up as doing something physical.

First it’s soreness that reminds you the rest of the day that you DID something.  Then it’s the better sleep at night.  Eventually the presence of muscle tone -and muscles stands as silent evidence that exercise.

It all begins my showing up.


One response to “Lessons in Weight Training #1: Show Up

  1. If you find out what brand of coffee, let me know.

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