I’ve Got Issues. Corrective Exercises- pt. 1

There is this piece of knowledge among fitness professionals: everyone has movement impairments.  These are weak or tight muscles somewhere along our body that we long ago learned to compensate for without even thinking.

These impairments might be immobile ankles (ever have a sprain?), poorly firing glutes (sit much?), or overactive lats (spend hours at the computer?).  We are often completely unaware of these movements impairments, yet wonder why we have lower back pain, headaches, TMJ, knee pain.  The whole kit and kaboodle of non-specific aches and pains that seem to come from no specific place can be attributed to movement impairments.

I’m working on an at-home study course to identify these impairments and learn how to bring the body back into a more natural alignment.  It involved foam rolling, and stretching, gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen muscle pairs, and exercises to get the body working as one again the way it was designed.

For the heck of it- and because I am always my own laboratory-I will be going through the steps on myself.  As much as I can, doing a full assessment and then working through my personal set of stretches and exercises to address my issues.

Having just watched my own movement assessment video tape, lordy I’VE GOT ISSUES.

-First, I have Hallux Rigidus.  This is extra bone growth around the first (big) joint in the big toe.  This extra bone limits the range that the toe can bend.  Guess what? When you can’t bend your toe, you can’t bend your foot.  When you can’t bend your foot- imagine the compensations that occur in your body every time you take a step.

Now the long time readers may remember that I had my left toe surgically repaired for this a few years ago.  Repaired so that I can now bend that foot.  But repaired is not the same thing as eliminated-and I apparently still have rather severe problems because of this issue.

Add to that: I’ve sprained my ankles 9 times.  Five on the right side, four on the left. Three severely- two on the right and once on the left.  Enough about that for now.

And then: I also have shoulder issues.  Lack of mobility on both sides, thoracic outlet syndrome and a strained/torn rotator cuff on the right.

Like I said, I have issues.  I’m going to post the video in a few days along with my initial assessment.

In the meantime, do you nagging aches and pains that you don’t understand?  Knees that hurt on squats or lunges? Lower back pain, head aches?  Start thinking about how you move every day.  We’ll take this discussion further.


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