What The World Eats

You read that Americans and those in Western society suffer from metabolic diseases because of what we eat in the average week.  The poorer and simpler societies eat closer to the earth -and eat much fewer calories.

But what does this mean?

If you look through the collected photographs from the What The World Eats you can clearly see the differences.  Go check it out.

The Revi’s an American family eat enough food that they need to hang their bags of chips off the side of their cabinets.  Most of the food is packaged- soda, beer, juice, chips, vegetables.  There are few fresh fruits and vegetables in the pile.

Contrast this to the Ayme family of Ecuador:

Or the Namgay family from Bhutan:

Both these families eat closer to the earth- and obviously eat less.

What would a week’s worth of your family’s food look like?


4 responses to “What The World Eats

  1. A week’s worth of our food would look like about 15-20 restaurant receipts.

    • Ren,

      And THAT is a sad, sad thing to report for many. Except what would THAT food look like?

      • Hmm… let me think. I have a Yogurt Parfait & Diet Coke from McDonald’s for breakfast most days, with a breakfast taco from somewhere instead maybe once a week. Lunch is typically a burger, burrito or sandwich. My kids handle their own breakfast and lunch, which is typically not the most healthy, but usually not too bad either. Certainly better than mine.

        Dinner is all over the map and is where my kids are probably the least healthy as they typically don’t get much in the way of vegetables. Chick-Fil-A, Quizno’s & Subway are fairly common, with various table service restaurants thrown in a few times per week.

  2. oooh interesting!!

    now I really do want to try and get a snapshot of a week’s food…right now we are pretty good (husband just officially lost 60 lbs) except for, you know, when we arent :)

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