How to Do a Proper Push Up

Are you doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred? P90X? A boot camp experience -live, on DVD or exercise TV? Or working your own fitness routine?

Chances are if you are trying one of these programs -or beyond a rank beginning on your own- some time during the week you are doing pushups. OR YOU SHOULD BE.

The challenge is everyone believes they know HOW to do a pushup -and many are doing them wrong. The pushup is a full-body exercise that should be working most of the back-side muscles, the core, and the arms.

If you rely solely on your arms and shoulders to get your body moving, you are doing them wrong.

So let’s look a program to get you into prime pushup form. No matter where you’re beginning today – I think you could be doing a real pushup within a month.

1. Let’s start with plank. Last year I showed you how to do a plank plus a number of variations. For getting to the pushup, let concentrate on the basic only.

-lie on the floor, head shoulders off the ground and supported on your elbows. Your forearms in a straight line forward from the elbows, hands in a fist, thumbs facing inward. Toes are pointed.

-tuck your toes “in” under legs, and elevate your body. Push back through your heels feeling the tension along the calves, hamstrings and glutes.

-maintain a straight line from the back of the head, through the shoulders, hips, knees and heels.

-do not let your feet roll out into a V shape. Pull them perpendicular to the ground. You may feel increased tension along the inside of your thighs and through your groin. This a good thing.

Hold the plank for 30-60 seconds. Lower your body and repeat 2 more times.

Try doing several sets of planks each day. You should feel no pain while doing these. If you do, quickly analyze and correct your form. If the pain continues- stop and talk to a trainer or other professional to see what is wrong.

The plank will get your body working as one-and develop the strong back side coordination you need to do a push.

Next week- A progression of pushups to get you moving.


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