How To Do a Proper Push-up, part 2.

Last week, I began writing about how to do a proper pushup. by coaching you through the plank.

The plank is the foundation exercise for developing neuromuscular coordination along the back side of the body. In order to do a great pushup- the first thing you need is this coordination and strength.

The second thing you need is some upper body strength. In particular, a stable shoulder joint, tricep strength and a firm core. While you’re getting a lot of this from the planks, doing modified pushups if you can’t do normal ones will help.

The progression of pushups begins at the wall, and moves down through different heights of furniture until it lands on the floor.

-anyone can do wall push-back. If you work at a desk all day, taking a break every hour to do 10 of these will help to alleviate the stress in the upper body from such work.

-Stand facing a wall about arm’s length away. Place your palms on the wall – even with your shoulders, fingers pointing straight up.
-Tighten your abs.
-Check to make sure your feet are straight || and not flared out \ / or turned in /\.
-Now gentle “fall” into the wall, keeping your elbows at your side. Feel the resistance to this “fall” in the back of your shoulders.
-Push yourself back upright. Feel this in your tricep (the back of the upper arm), in your upper back and your chest.

Do ten of these, then slight shift your hands so the fingers are point in at about a 45 degree. / \. Now, when you fall in let your elbows flare out-matching the angle of your fingers. You will not be able to push yourself completely. Do not try.

Progressing downward.

When the wall pushback feel easy, progress downward in stages. Instead of a wall, use the counter, then a strong stable table, a chair braced against a wall so it won’t move. And finally the floor.

Next week: Getting to a real push up.


2 responses to “How To Do a Proper Push-up, part 2.

    The masses need this.

    ’nuff said.

  2. This is SO great! A good push-up tutorial has the double bonus of making people feel more comfortable doing them & ensuring they are using proper form. Thank you for the detailed breakdown!

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