Michael Pollan’s Food Rule #11

Just a note for clarification: I just started a new job as a Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness (Oakland- High Street.  If you live nearby, stop in and say “hey”).  So while I do have a plan for this blog – certain topics, regularly on certain days- until I get my feet under me and recover my sleep, things may be a bit slow (again).

I am trying to write and pre-publish a number of posts (such as the push-ups) but- well we’ll see.  Wish me luck- and pray that switching to a smart phone ends up making this so much easier.

On to today’s topic:

I’m wildly enchanted with Michael Pollan’s newest book: FOOD RULES-An Eater’s Manual.  It’s all those instinctive  thoughts about eating that tend to niggle at you from the back of your head put into words.  Simple. Logical. Clean.  And-an important thing given Pollan’s other books: it’s short.

Take for example Rule #11: Avoid Foods You See Advertised On TV.

Now this rule falls under Pollan’s general BIG rule to eat food – not “edible foodlike substances”.   Since advertising is an expensive proposition, it makes sense that most of those using advertising will be manufacturers of these “edible foodlike substances”.

It’s one of the ways you can identify “the enemy”.

Double Bacon Avocado Cheeseburgers do not grow on trees or on the ground.  They -or some similar iteration- are heavily advertised.

There are exceptions to these rules of course.  Almond growers, walnut growers, Florida orange growers, etc. have banded together as units to promote their products.  Often these commercials are to get you to choose their foods over a similar one – have almonds for their health benefits instead of peanuts; eat a Florida orange instead of a chilean peach.  Even if this message is not directly stated, it’s there.

Aside from similar groups promoting the health benefits of a particular- and always healthy food- if you see a food product advertised on the television, use that criteria to cross it off your menu.

Now how many everyday foods would be leaving behind?

One response to “Michael Pollan’s Food Rule #11

  1. Very exciting to hear about your new job, Deb! :)

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