Motivation and Companionship- the missing ingredient

I don’t quite understand but for the last few weeks I have not had the “hit the gym and work out” mojo going for me.  I’ve lost both the overwhelming desire to work out and the sense of a day-to-day plan.  Of the two, I feel that the plan is the more important step in keeping myself motivated.

In the last year, I’ve completely lost my endurance.  Even with that knowledge, I try to press on doing the workouts I did before.  And failing.  I’ve stepped back and started to plan a routine that will take me WHERE I AM NOW and bring me back to where I was.  I’ve realized that I can do this- but I’m lonely in doing this.  I miss the social interaction of a trainer or friend to encourage me; keep on track; hold me back when I get impatient but encourage me to push harder on the things that are hard.

How do others DO this all the time?  How do you work out alone with goals and keep yourself motivated?

I’ve written a month long program to build some cardio and muscular endurance (see below).  I am going to try to stick to it for the month, practice patience, remind myself that it’s recommended for the normal person who workouts that they stay most of the time in neurological and muscular endurance.

You are welcome to comment or email or twitter me to ask how I’m keeping on track.


  • Cardio- 20 minute steady state
  • Strength- Upper body. Supersets of bench press/standing row/lat pulls- each superset made up of a stable and unstable segment.


  • Cardio- 20 minutes of interval training
  • Strength-Lower body.  Supersets of squats/step ups/lunges.  Each superset made of a stable and unstable segment


  • Cardio-a quick warm up.  Then 20 minutes of a variety of farmer’s walks.
  • Strength-Balance and core.  Plank, bridge, side plank, birddogs, clam shells, single leg deadlifts,

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: See Sunday

    Friday: See See Monday

    Saturday: See Tuesday.

    If you checked in earlier, this had lots of other activities on it – deadlifts and tgus and things that are good for me but not really appropriate for the level of training I’ve assigned to myself.  At least, not in the incarnations I was describing.

    Again, I was getting away from the plan and letting my ego interfere in the process.

    For the several months, I have to keep it simple and look for progress in my ability to go longer not heavier.

    Someone please remind of this – oh, several hundred times a day??


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