Plans this week

Last week I wrote out all my exercise plans- but they didn’t work out in real life.  Took me a while to understand why: I started my plan on Sunday- when I actually flying across country and unable to get to the gym to do a workout.

So Sunday’s became Monday, Monday’s became Tuesday.. I was off on Wednesday and every fell apart from there.  I’m laying it on being really tired from FitBloggin’ last weekend.

So let’s try again:

Sunday: Upper body-just like last week.  I had plans to walk Jake with a friend, so I didn’t do the cardio I should have.  Then the walk fell apart.

Monday: Core and balance.  And 30 minutes of cardio.

Tuesday: Lower body strength.  And 30 minutes of cardio.

Wednesday: Lordy, I’ve got errands to run, etc.

Thursday: repeat Sunday.

Friday: repeat Tuesday or Wednesday.

Saturday: full on rest day.

I’ve had it with wondering why I’m not losing the weight I need to.  The cardio is important to add back into the mix (as much as I hate it).  So time to get sweaty on the cross track or treadmill or row machine…

I’ve picked up a bit of a head cold -so I may not be pushing it with full on intervals yet.  I’ll let the cold settle out, then add the intervals back in.  One of my friends, who has sick on and off for months, has started using a neti pot every day -at my urging.  She hasn’t gotten sick since then.  So I’ve got to remember to add that neti pot back in to my morning routine.

What’s your plans for getting fit and staying healthy this week?


One response to “Plans this week

  1. joining you in the core and balance today!

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