New Balance 740

Hey, FTC.  Yes, I was given these shoes for free.  My opinion of them, though, is still my opinion.

While I was at FitBloggin’, I received a pair of New Balance running shoes- specifically the 740 – described by the company as :

Support, comfort and cushioning all in one training shoe! Great for long distance runners seeking support and some stability, the 740 offers a Medial Post for pronation control.

I admit I wasn’t sure about wearing these – I’m NOT a runner – especially a long distance runner. What would these shoes offer me? What I can say is that these shoes offer me a comfortable shoe.

I first discovered New Balance years ago when i found a (now lost) website that described the best athletic shoes for women to wear based upon their foot shape and activities. I have what I affectionately call “duck feet” – a narrow heel with a wider toe box. This wonderful website told me that I should always try New Balance shoes and they are the only company who designs shoes specifically for duck feet.

I lived in New Balance for years before I had trouble with my feet that meant I couldn’t wear athletic shoes. After the halux rigidus was corrected, I had problems finding New Balance that fit as comfortably as I remembered. I thought it was me.

Apparently it was just the places I was shopping.

These 740s were comfortable from the second I slipped them on. And I discovered a benefit of the stabilization in this shoes: they help my balance.

One thing I completely lost with my halux rigidus was proprioception. A sense of where my foot belongs aligned with my body. My feet tend to wobble back and forth trying to find the balance -the center – the place where they are not turned to the outside or inside too much. I never feel I KNOW where this spot is. When I wear these 740s, I don’t have to do this. My feet are naturally centered.

So even though I’m not a long distance runner, I LOVE my 740s for the most part.  They only thing I’d change about them if I could?  The color.  I hate wearing white shoes and really, really wish I could get some in another color.


One response to “New Balance 740

  1. Shoes are so important. I had a back problem for a long long time until my chiropractor recommended these same exact 740s. I have the same pair and I run the marathon every year. Back problem hasn’t been back and I hope gone for good.

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