Let’s Get it (re)Started

This is June 1st.

The beginning of summer and the beginning of a new month. A perfect time to kick off something new: losing the weight I’ve regained.

When I lost weight 3 years ago it was the first time I ever lost weight. So this is the first time I’ve regained it. I know many people do this over and over again.  Personally, I find that idea quite confabulating.  The emotions I feel when I see the scale rising up are not pleasant- there is too much self-loathing and negative body image going on.  I cannot image doing this to myself over and over.

What I’m proposing is taking the steps to lose the weight -and learning to keep it off. I mean, I kept it off for over a year. Then I got lazy, slipped back into eating/cooking the way I had for years (and the way my husband always did).

When you do the things that weren’t successful the first time, you get the same results. Hello 30 pounds.

So beginning today, I’m
-wrapping on my BodyBugg and keeping track of my calories burned.
-grabbing my android phone and entering what I consume in Calorie Counter.
-reporting it all here.

Tomorrow: the beginning numbers and the goal.

Who would like to join me on this?


3 responses to “Let’s Get it (re)Started

  1. I am! The Android app is just called Calorie Counter? Wish I could afford a BodyBugg :(

  2. Deb, we’ve been on this journey together before. Let’s do it again! I’m in a crazy time in my life right now. Not necessarily the most conducive to more life changes, but I’d love a partner in crime and some better life habits.

    So, I will also track my calories in. I will work in some sort of physical activity every day (even if it is just walking my dog, or a good stretch session, but hopefully it will be more like a good game of tennis).

    Count me in, Sister.

  3. I’m in! After reading your Twitter last night I decided to get up early and walk a mile this morning. I did it (Briskly, even), and I feel good about it! I’ve got a little plan together to work me up to the Couch to 5k program (I guess my couch is much more comfortable than theirs, because jogging for 20 seconds out of every 110 is just not physically possible for me.). Generally, if I’m exercising regularly, then I naturally eat less and better, so I’m not going to start tracking calories until I see what my weight does over the next couple/few weeks.

    Here’s my conundrum: My scale this morning read 151. I know darn well that I haven’t lost 10 pounds since the last time I weighed myself a couple of months ago. I’ve been eating like crap and my clothes are tight. The scale is about 5 years old, but it’s a pretty good one. Is it time to replace it? Hrm, maybe the next I buy dog food I’ll weight the bag. And weigh myself at the grocery store…

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