The dirty details

Let me get a clear picture of where I’m beginning (sigh, again).  These numbers look sadly familiar from 2006.

  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 148#
  • BMI: 26 which puts me in the healthy range
  • BodyFat: about 30% (the edge of healthy/overweight)

To track my progress, I am using a couple high tech improvements that I didn’t use last time:

  • BodyBugg. Slip this on to get a honest read on my activity and caloric burn.
  • Calories Counter. A simple app on my Android.  My phone is always with me.  So I don’t have to remember what I eat and then add it when I get back to my computer.  It has nice features- it will read the barcode of most foods that I buy at the store and automatically add the data to my food intake.

Yes, it would be nice to only use item for the entire program- but BodyBugg doesn’t have an Android app (they DO have an iPhone app, I understand).

I went to NutritionData (as it’s available for free to anyone online).. filled out their nutrition calculator. The suggestions were right in line with what I get everywhere:

Your Recommended Ranges
Carbohydrate: 45 to 65% of total Calories
Fat: 20 to 35% of total Calories
Protein: 10 to 35% of total Calories

Pretty safe recommendations here -and a pretty wide variation.  My personal aim is to get my carbs right around the 45% mark- with almost all of those coming from vegetables and fruit.  Protein at the 35% mark will leave me with fat at 20%.


2 responses to “The dirty details

  1. I just returned my Bodybugg. I LOVED it but had to email technical support 11 times in less than 30 days so I returned it and purchased the GoWear Fit. I hoping their customer service will be more helpful.

    Bodybugg doesn’t have an app for the iPhone. However their website is compatible with an iPhone (iPhone friendly) but you still have to log in through Safari. Supposedly they are working on one.

    • Jenn, Isn’t the GoWear Fit essentially the same tool?? (that is, I thought GoWear made the BodyBugg). I like the Body Bugg – hate the interface and will always firmly believe that they should give away the software with the hardware, no matter who makes the equipment.

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