Let’s Get (re)Started.. Week one?

I’m pleased to see that several people are willing to come along on my journey of getting (re)started.  I’ve spent a week looking at the decisions I’ve made this past year that have gotten me where I am now (for the record, back to the 150# that drove me to the gym to lose weight the first time.  However, I’m a much fitter 150# than I was 4 years ago).

I lost and kept off the weight for nearly 2 years by following a simple program:

  1. Fresh vegetables at almost every meal.  Plus fruit 2x a day.
  2. Limiting my starchy carbs to just before/after a workout.
  3. Cardio – HIIT 3xs a week.  And 30 minutes of steady state cardio the other days.
  4. Resistance training primarily in a metabolic fashion.  Low to medium reps/heavy weights/short rests.  I would start sweating within 5 minutes of beginning and not stop sweating until an hour or so after I stopped working out.
  5. Lean protein.
  6. Limited sugars and fried foods to “treat” status-once or twice a month.
  7. Plenty of rest.
  8. Lots of water.

I got away from this path – first choosing to move away from the cardio, then increasing the weekly levels of sweets and starchy carbs.  Then, even if it was because of illness or injury, not working out as hard as I had. As soon as I backed off the cardio the weight started coming back – and yet I resisted simply adding the cardio back.

Now, in respect to the scale, I’m back where I began.  This time, however, I know what to do:  all those steps above combined with a small decrease in my caloric intake and I’ll be back to my fighting weight in about 4-6 months.

What is going to be the challenge for me?  Remembering to have enough vegetables ready to grab and add to any meal.  Last time, I finally conquered this challenge by making LARGE batches of roasted or grilled veggies evey 3-4 days, keeping those batches in the fridge and making sure I added them to every meal.  I also have to have on hand a small amount of hard cheese, balsamic vinegar, and other seasonings for the veggies to give me some variety.

It’s truly surprising how clear minded, energized, and refreshed I feel when I base my diet on vegetables first.  And, luckily for me, this is PRIME FARMER’S MARKET season.


One response to “Let’s Get (re)Started.. Week one?

  1. Im struggling with numbers seven and eight!

    but I shall reign supreme…tomorrow :)

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