Start Small

The universe is sending me a message.  Something about thinking small and drawing a bottom line.  In the course of an hour of reading blogs, checking websites, I several times read the message I’m calling:  START SMALL.

It began with Ali Hall’s post  on Little Man, Thinking Small Without Guilt: Setting Minimum Standards that suggested instead of setting grand achievements (lose 100#, participate in a triatholon, do 20 pull ups) that we concentrate FIRST on setting minimum standards. Maybe lose those first 10#, run a 5K or do the first pullup.

Within minutes I read a couple other posts about taking small steps toward your goal. Accepting that moving in the direction is good even if one isn’t moving that fast.

With this in mind, I feel compelled to look at my “I want to..” list, and first list the big picture items and then get realistic with the small stuff:

1. Lose 30#.  But really be able to fit into the jeans and shirts that I was wearing 2 years ago.  If I could fit into them and the scale read the same as today?  I’d be happy.

Short term: Today is the 14th and I weigh 148#.  I will be 3# lighter -or lose a total of 2″ in body measurements- by the end of the month.

2. Strength goals.  Honesty here: I cannot achieve any of my strength goals until I get my shoulder fixed.  Which will likely be in September.  The full shoulder recovery time is a year – so AS MUCH AS I HATE TO, I must take most strength goals off the table.  However, I still have poor balance that can be improved through treating the movement impairments and muscle imbalances.

Short term goal: I will spend 3 days in the next week specifically working on movement impairments.

3. Diet.  I need to get back to eating more vegetables during the day.  This is what made me feel healthiest and fired the transformation in my body.

Short term goal: eat 3-4 servings of a fiberous vegetable a day.  (and work up to 5-7).

I have never used minimum standards or short term goals before.  I was always happy with whatever gain I made and never felt a pressure to accomplish anything by a certain date. Maybe why it took so long to lose wieght?  and why it’s taken months of saying “I need to lose the excess pounds” but not do anything about it.

Have you ever approached a goal by setting your minimum standards?  Or short term goals?  Did it work?  What did you do when you didn’t accomplish these goals?


5 responses to “Start Small

  1. Don’t think of it as minimum standards or short term goals…Think of it as steps toward change. For me, a lot of times lately, I see when I slow down and just do SOMETHING every day the changes come, sometimes where I least expect them.

  2. very very thought provoking as Id not realized this, Deb, but it is what Im doing.

    Since we had our daughter its been about minimum for me—and Im far far happier and more present because of it.

  3. you need to start a light exercise and slightly lessen your meal..stay away from carbohydrates if you want to loss weight, but remember to go and ask your physician if you are physically fit and better ask for consultations too.

    • PT,

      I’m hoping when you said “stay away from carbohydrates” you actually meant “stay away from grain products”. Because vegetables and fruits are carbs and the basis of many healthy diets.
      Also, I never to “light” on my exercise…

  4. Hi Debroby, are correct, have to “stay away from grain products”. Thank you for your concerns.

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