Exercises Everybody SHOULD be doing- #1 The Deadlift

So I spent a couple posts talking about those exercises that I think everybody should stop doing.  I provided some alternatives in those posts, but then I realized I should come clean with some exercises that I think everybody SHOULD be doing (and likely aren’t).

So while you’re not wasting your time doing sit ups or sitting on the inner/outer thigh machines,  what should you be doing?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say again, but I think everyone -especially women- should be doing deadlifts.

  1. ….it is a full-body workout that hits every major muscle group.
  2. Think about how you spend your day: picking up and carrying children, pets, groceries, clothes, etc.  Imagine one exercise that when you do it regularly prepares you for your every day life -and makes the repetition of those movements easier.
  • As a full-body exercise, this also stresses the major bones in our body-causing them to lay down more calcium and grow stronger.  This would include the lower back, hips, shoulders, thighs.  Exactly the bones that weaken in osteoporosis.
  • People worry about the deadlift -fearing that they will harm their lower back. This is a definite concern with poor form, but there ways to lessen this threat.One such way is to spend most of your time doing sumo deadlifts- standing with your legs wide apart, hanging your arms between your legs, and pulling up.  LOTS of leg strength is involved in this – so it will save your back.  And LOOK it’s a much better leg exercise than doing any silly inner/outer thigh machines!

    The Gubernatrix has a great post on how to do a sumo deadlift. There is no way I could write a better description of this lift than she has.  So go and enjoy. Take a couple notes.  And next time you’re near a something a bit heavy, give a sumo deadlift a try.

    eyeing the dogs sleeping on the floor… hmmm….


    2 responses to “Exercises Everybody SHOULD be doing- #1 The Deadlift

    1. I always do these and yet find so so so few women in general do.

      have fun at BlogHer!

    2. With Roni moderating my panel? I don’t think there is a possibility of not having fun. Will miss you.

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