Not Worth the cheat…

It struck me last night that the tempting foods I want -those that aren’t good for either me or my waistline- usually end up disappointing.  The thought of the dessert or the treat is so appealling -but the reality doesn’t live up to that tempting impression.

And what to happens when that reality disappoints?  I want more- of the same or something different- in a search to fill that spot.  That desire.

None of it’s worth it. I don’t feel satisfied and the calories (or fat, or sugar or whatever) is a major sabotage to feeling better and getting leaner.

I need to remember this when I’m standing in the store and contemplating something that I know isn’t going to fulfill me in the end.  Saving the calories for the true treats – the occasional things that are decadent and extraordinary and worth the cheat.

Anyone have good suggestions for dealing with the craving when I know it will not satify?


One response to “Not Worth the cheat…

  1. I think the key is having more treats so that when you do have one, it doesn’t have to be perfect. My husband and I have been following the Weight Watchers program since January 1 and doing very well, mostly because there is built in cheating via extra weekly points. We have, for the first time in years, candy bars, snack cakes, cookies, ice cream bars–all manner of treats–in the house all the time because we can have a little any time we want. No more shoving two or three candy bars down an evening; we are satisfied with less because we know tomorrow we can have more. We’ve both lost a little over thirty pounds and have lots more to go, but it’s going to happen because nothing is denied. And, I am sure the weight will stay off this time for the same reason: nothing is denied.

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