My Ideal Workout Template

As I get more experience writing workouts for people other than myself, I’m recognizing my style- what I believe should be part of every workout and what I’m willing to short cut if necessary.

  1. Begin with a warm up.  This is time spent getting your body warmed up and ready to move. It might be time spent on a cardio machine, but it could also be jump rope, jumping jacks, stepping on a platform, etc.  The important thing is moving.
  2. Foam rolling.  This helps to get the tissue in an optimum condition to work.  It relaxes tight muscles and is a great beginning to movement conditioning part of the workout.
  3. Static and dynamic stretching.  More getting the body ready for the work it’s going to do.
  4. Core work.  Planks, bridges, bird dogs, side planks, etc.  Working the core at the beginning of the process makes sure those muscles are activated to support during a challenge weight training section.
  5. Balance work.  Step ups, Single Leg Dead lifts, Single leg reaches, or – a two-fer- medicine ball tosses while on a BOSU.
  6. Throwing/tossing something.  Slamming a medicine ball on the ground, ball chest passes, squat tosses, etc.  These start activating the central nervous system.
  7. OR.. agility drills.  Ladders or cones praciticing patterns and building speed.  Works on concentration, on breathing, and again activates that CNS.
  8. Two or Three compound lifts.  Turkish GetUps, Squats, Deadlifts, Weighted Lunges, Chest Presses, Rows.  These kick the HGH into high gear and are the resistance center of the workout.  Ten reps or so on upper body/full body exercises – 15 or so on lower body exercises.  Whenever possible, exercise on your feet.
  9. Follow these couple lifts with assistance muscle isolation work.  (bis, tris, traps, calves, delts).
  10. Push or Carry something heavy.  Farmer’s walks are awesome here.
  11. Shorter rest periods – about 1 minute on average but up to 3 minutes if needed.
  12. Stretching to begin the cool down – followed at some point by a 2nd round foam rolling.

This whole workout -well from foam roll to foam roll -should take about an hour to an hour and a half max.  Anything longer than that probably has either too much work or too long a rest.

Take at least one day a week completely off -and take one week every month or two completely off to let your body heal and recover.

What do you look for in your ideal workout?  Do you have a plan and do you know why you do steps in the order that you do?


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