Getting Lean Quickly

These are rather advanced exercise concepts.  If you haven’t been exercising for a while (6 months)- make sure you get clearance from your doctor to exercise.  Or consult with a professional trainer for some guidance.

We all love the idea of getting lean -and getting lean quickly fills most people’s bill.  One of the best ways to do this is to recruit your body’s ability to generate its own Human Growth Hormone.  Which, as I’ve written before, is one of our most powerful tools in burning fat.

So here’s the simple steps involved in boosting your HGH.  When you look at these guidelines, you’ll understand why CrossFit is so popular as an exercise regime.  It frequently encorporates these strategies in their WODs.

Kicking up your HGH Burn:

  1. Workout Intensity. You need a workout that is all out and over quickly.  Fifty minutes or less and your done.  If you participate in a workout that lasts much longer, hormonally you’re acting to impair HGH burn by increasing cortisol levels.
  2. Workout Volume: Since you are limiting your time, you have to kick up the volume.  Supersets – especially alternating upper and lower body exercises- will let individual muscles recover while allowing you to get a kickass volume of work.  For example: Dumb bell swings paired jumping squats.
  3. Workout Reps: A rep range of 8-12 reps per set – and 3-5 sets per exercise is ideal.  It lets you work heavy enough to get all the muscle fiber engaged without completely burning you out.  And the lactic acid encourages the release of HGH.
  4. Workout Rest: You want your muscles to recover but not completely.  A rest interval of 60-90 lets you catch your breath, without completely eliminating the lactic acid nor letting your heart rate get too slow.
  5. Intervals. Your cardio should be performed in an interval fashion.  Finish up your workout with some sprints, some jumping jacks, mountain climbers.  Or slip these into the workout whenever your heart rate slows down a little or the sweat stops.
  6. Emphasize the big muscles and complex moves. Presses, squats, deadlifts, pulls.  If it’s only working one set of muscles, it’s wasting your time.
  7. Refuel. The ideal refuel ration is about 2 grams of carbs to each gram of protein as soon after you finish working out as possible.
  8. Sleep. HGH comes out to play at night.  Make sure you get to sleep before midnight, and try to get at least 8 hours a night.

Personally, my workouts run almost exactly to 50 minutes.  I begin sweating and panting during that first rest period and keep on sweating until about an hour after I quick working out.  That’s WITH a cool shower at the end.  When these workouts are their most successful, I desperately need to sleep 2 hours after it ends.

Now I will slide some isolation exercises at the end of these sessions- some tricep/bicep and maybe some abs.  But if I feel the sweat slowing down I can throw in some jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.  to keep things burning.


3 responses to “Getting Lean Quickly

  1. Great info, thanks for sharing! What recommendations or personal preferences do you have for the refuel snack? I typically have a protein shake mixed with milk, so the protein definitely outweigh the carbs. I usually have to choke it down though because it’s not the most refreshing beverage right after a workout.

    • You need a better protein drink! If you can drink cow’s milk, I prefer Muscle Milk -which has a good proportion of carbs to fat and tastes pretty good. Definitely use a blender bottle or mixer to make it.

      I’m allergic to casein, so I use 100% whey protein, blended with some berries and chopped spinach.

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