Healthy Eating: Apple-Pom Turkey Thigh

Yes, FDA, I was given the POM wonderful juice which served as inspiration for altering this recipe. But, just as the food going into my mouth was my own, these words comin’ out are mine, too.

After FitBloggin last spring, I had an opportunity to receive some small bottles of Pom Wonderful juice. While at the conference, they handed out samples of the juice and a recipe book, but I was disappointed in the recipes including. I had thought that POM was a natural for some kind of sauces for chicken or turkey- and found none.  I was given several bottles to use them in developing some healthy recipes using the juice the way I wanted.

Uhm, yeah, it was also two weeks after I started working as a personal trainer at a gym 25 miles from my home.  Between time spent at the gym and commute time, I was limited in my creative cooking time.  But last week I was inspired.

Turkey thighs are healthy and one of the few fairly inexpensive cuts of meat.  My local supermarket had a special on packages – so I went searching the internet for a recipe to use them.  Ideally, a recipe that I could adapt to use the POM juice.

I found it at Martha Stewart:  Apple-Braised Turkey Thighs.

Now I suspect that POM may lose a lot of its anti-oxidant properties if it’s cooked too long, so my plan was to add the juice after the thighs were cooked, as I was warming and thickening the sauce.

I followed the recipe fairly closely (for me)- only substituting onions for shallots.  But when I lifted the lid for the last 1/2 hour of cooking, the pan looked a bit dry.  I decided to add the POM at that point and let it cook blend more with the pan juices.

The results?  A wonderful dish.  Tender, flavorful turkey -moist and appealling.  A pan sauce of apples and onions and wonderfully complimentary pan sauce.  Served it -like the photo in the article- with green beans.  It would wonderful with chunky-ish garlic mashed red potatoes- but I didn’t have time to fix those.  So we had brown rice instead.

I STILL have a couple bottles of POM.  Suggest a recipe for me to try -or adapt- to use these.


4 responses to “Healthy Eating: Apple-Pom Turkey Thigh

  1. I wonder how it would work as a glaze for salmon? I once had an orange/balsamic vinegar glaze that was awesome (Rachael Ray recipe I think)and bet that the POM would work well either replacing the orange juice/zest or combining the two.

    • I’m liking the thought of using this as glaze with balsamic. Mix a bit of both in a pan, reduce by half -or more- and baste the salmon with it. After I get back from NYC, I’m going to give this a try.

  2. when i cook at home, i always make sure that i only cook healthy recipes because i don’t want to get fat ‘,,

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