New York Frame of Mind

Roni, Sahar and I - image by Fitarella

If you didn’t know, I spent a extra long weekend in NYC attending BlogHer10.  Well, kind of a weekend- I flew out all day Wednesday, was there for Thursday through Sunday afternoon, then flew home.  Got home about 9:30 pm. Sunday night.

I liked NYC more than I expected.  It reminded me of Chicago, which is one of my favorite cities.  The food was great (except hotel food -which is after all hotel food: too many simple carbs and grains).  The conference had more attendees than last year, but the facility was spacious enough that we never felt cramped.  My roomie, Heather from ClizBiz,  was the tops.

I got sick again (so far every BlogHer has had me coming home ill). This time, it appears to only be a head cold not the infamous BlogHerBola of past years (usually whatever the current form of influenza is).

For those who were not in NYC for BlogHer 10, the live blog is up here. I spoke on a panel with Roni Noone from Roni’s Weigh and Sahar Aker from about using our blogs to motivate and instruct ourselves and others.


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