A “Fun” Workout Plan for clients

Often I have a client who has purchased a set of 3 workout sessions.  These are designed to give the client an idea of what it would be like to work with a trainer; the clients often believe we should use these 3 sessions to teach them “everything they want to know” about working out.

Ignore the fact that in 3 sessions they cannot learn how to feel if they are in a neutral posture -if their shoulders are down and back, their abs engaged, their chins level, their glutes engaged, their feet straight, their knees in line with their shoulders, hips and feet.   They believe they can learn this AND how to perform a exercise AND how to decide reps and sets to get the most done.

Anyway, I always try to “give them what they want” in the first 2 sessions – instruction using the machines, the cables, a couple free weights.  How to foam roll, stretch, do some core work, use different cardio equipment than the treadmill.

But the third and final workout I give a “trainer special”: a supersetted workout using stretchy bands, the BOSU, medicine balls – not a look at one of the machines.  I still put them through a full body workout and get them so damn sweaty and winded that I KNOW they can feel the difference in the workout.

Then I promise more like that if they sign up for more sessions.  It’s like showing them how to drive a subcompact car -then giving them a taste of driving a race car.  If I could take economics out of the picture, I’m sure I’d have most of the clients signing on the dotted line before the sweat dried on their foreheads.

An example:

  • Chest pass with a 4-6# Medicine Ball
  • Burpees
  • BOSU lateral jump-squats
  • Stretchy Band lateral tube walking -with bicep curls
  • MB ball slams

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